How to Install a Decorative Quartz Flooring System?

Decorative quartz flooring systems have many industrial flooring applications. They are used in airports, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, laboratories, food processing areas, medical facilities, and more. This is due to their high-performance properties such as the ability to absorb heavy impacts, and chemical and slip resistance.

Quartz flooring systems consist of clear 100% solids epoxy resin filled with a variety of quartz, marble or ceramic fillers. The quartz aggregate can be obtained in a variety of colors, and several options for the body and topcoats means you can tailor the floor for specific looks or performance requirements. This is especially useful for industrial flooring applications.

Duraamen’s Kwortz Flooring is a high-performance flooring system specially designed to meet the demands of industrial flooring projects. It provides a durable, seamless floor that is impact resistant and chemical resistant if Novolac epoxy is chosen. The quartz aggregates are available in a series of pre-blended patterns or solid colors.

Installing a Decorative Quartz Flooring System

In this instruction how-to video series, Bob Harris of the Decorative Concrete Institute demonstrates the application of a decorative quartz flooring system with a double broadcast of quartz.

Video 1: Discusses how to prepare the substrate and epoxy floor coating options that offer qualities like chemical and impact resistance.

Video 2: Bob Harris demonstrates mixing and applying the epoxy body coat (Perdure E10) and broadcasting quartz. The double broadcast system for high-impact areas is also explained.

Video 3: demonstrates the second broadcast of quartz and finishing with a polyaspartic coating (Perdure P72).