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  • Perdure PU85 from Duraamen, A super strong polyurea-polyurethane coating for concrete floors. PP12995-13000, 10 gallons

    Perdure PU85

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  • Perdure PU100 SKU: PR13993

    Perdure PU100

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About Polyurea

Elevate your garage flooring to the next level with our cutting-edge Polyurea Garage Floor Coating Kit. Polyurea is renowned for its exceptional durability, unmatched resistance to chemicals, and rapid curing times. At Duraamen, we’ve harnessed the power of Polyurea to provide you with a seamless and long-lasting solution for your garage floor. Our Polyurea Garage Floor Coating Kit offers not only the ease of installation but also the assurance of a tough and beautiful finish.