The Best Garage Floor Coating & Auto Dealership Floor Coating 

The automotive dealership and car sales industry often require heavy-duty flooring options as their floors are subject to tire tracks, the weight of large equipment and vehicles, oils, chemicals, as well as many other harsh elements and contaminants. simultaneously, retail showrooms and staff areas require a more decorative solution. Fortunately, duraamen has floor coating products that meet both needs.

To keep showrooms, garages, and service areas attractive and clean, the answer is to install a durable resinous flooring system. Duraamen offers a selection of methyl methacrylate and epoxy flooring options, each delivering its own strengths and advantages when it comes to durability, resistance, and design appeal.

For auto dealer retail, and staff areas, cementitious and designer epoxy flooring options may be more appropriate. From polished concrete to designer metallic coatings duraamen has a large variety of durable design options and colors to choose from.

Browse our recommendations and products to find the flooring system that will best suit your needs, providing you with a low-maintenance, long-lasting surface that can endure the demands of the auto dealership industry.


Innovative Resinous Flooring Systems for High-Performance Needs

The auto dealership industry demands not just aesthetics but functionality and durability from its flooring. Resinous Flooring Systems stand at the forefront of meeting these demands. Duraamen’s cutting-edge resinous options, including both methyl methacrylate (MMA) and epoxy, are tailored to resist the rigorous conditions of garages and showrooms alike. These systems are engineered to withstand tire marks, oil spills, and the heavy load of vehicles, making them the ideal choice for auto dealerships looking for a blend of strength and style. Beyond durability, our resinous flooring options offer versatility in design, enabling customization to reflect your brand’s image and aesthetic preferences.

Auto Dealership Flooring Solutions: Balancing Durability with Design

Finding the right Auto Dealership Flooring Solutions can be a balancing act between choosing a floor that can handle the mechanical aspects of the industry and one that provides a welcoming atmosphere for customers. Duraamen excels in this area by offering flooring solutions that cater to every corner of an auto dealership. From the high traffic of showrooms to the functional needs of workshops and service areas, our flooring systems are designed to maintain a high level of performance and appearance. For retail and staff areas, our cementitious and designer epoxy options open a world of design possibilities. With Duraamen’s polished concrete and metallic epoxy coatings, auto dealerships can create spaces that are not only durable but also reflective of modern design trends, enhancing the overall customer experience.

By integrating Resinous Flooring Systems and Auto Dealership Flooring Solutions into your facility, you’re investing in a surface that will stand the test of time, both in durability and in style. Duraamen’s comprehensive range of flooring products ensures that every area of your auto dealership, from service bays to showrooms, is covered. Let us help you elevate your auto dealership with flooring that meets the unique challenges of the automotive industry, ensuring a lasting impression on your customers and a workspace that employees can thrive in. Explore our selections and find the perfect fit for your dealership’s needs, promising not only a low-maintenance, durable surface but also one that aligns with the latest in flooring design and technology.