Perdure E10


100% solids multipurpose epoxy binder/sealer / body coat

Perdure E10 is a multipurpose epoxy binder for self-leveling mortar and quartz systems.



Perdure E10 is a 100% solids, multipurpose epoxy binder for Duraamen self-leveling mortar and quartz systems. This all-purpose epoxy resin is characterized as an excellent general-purpose material with good clarity and color retention. It is essentially odorless and therefore can be applied in occupied areas.


  • Good troweling properties when used with Duraamen self –leveling epoxy mortar and quartz systems
  • Excellent color retention when used as a topcoat with Duraamen flooring systems
  • Good troweling properties when used in mortar systems
  • Low odor for use in occupied areas
  • Available in fast cure systems
  • USDA approved for food handling applications

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Technical Details

Viscosity @ 75°F950cpsPot Life30-40 minutes
Mixing Ratio4 parts A to 1 parts B by volumeDry to Touch6-8 hours @ 75°F
Solids Content100% by volumeRe-coat (regular cure)10-12 hours @ 75°F
Volatile Organic Content0Re-coat (fast cure)4-6 hours @ 75°F
Gloss 60°F85-100Full cure, max. resistance48 hours
Weight Per gallon9.00-9.50 pounds per gallon, mixed


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