Urethane Flooring

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  • Kraftig SL UMC floor coating

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  • Kraftig CV Product Image

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  • Kraftig SC, primer for urethane modified concrete UMC

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  • Kraftig TG, urethane modified concrete (UMC) trowel grade

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About Urethane Flooring

Urethane Concrete Flooring known for thermal shock resistance is recommended in commercial kitchens, food processing plants, breweries, wineries, bakeries & restaurants. It is one of the toughest urethane concrete flooring products on the market when protecting against chemicals, thermal shock, abrasions, and impacts. Urethane concrete flooring is also known as Urethane Concrete Coating, Cementitious Urethane Concrete, and Polyurethane Concrete Flooring.

Urethane concrete coatings have surpassed traditional epoxy flooring solutions that had been used for many years where thermal shock and chemical deterioration of the floor are concerns. Their reasonable cost and general all-around high-performance characteristics, in addition to their thermal shock and chemical resistance properties, make polyurethane concrete coatings the ideal solution for food and beverage facilities, chemical processing plants, and anywhere that traditional epoxy flooring may fail.

Because Kraftig urethane concrete flooring is engineered to be crack-resistant, it is one of the most hygienic flooring solutions available. In food and beverage facilities the environment is moist and exposed to organic materials. Cracks in floor coatings offer a safe haven for bacteria and other microorganisms. Additionally, where chemicals and/or water are in contact with the flooring surface, cracks offer a passage to the substrate. This leads to the deterioration of the substrate, making the installation of Kraftig not only a hygienic and performance-oriented flooring option but also an insurance policy against future facility repairs.

Duraamen offers its urethane concrete flooring in three variations to specifically fit your project’s needs: Kraftig-SL, Kraftig-TG, and Kraftig-SC. All variations provide a seamless floor that can take the punishment of the harshest food and beverage and industrial environments. The ability to add color and/or texture using quartz or other aggregates is common to all versions. Depending on which version you choose it may be installed as a coating, using a trowel, or as self-leveling flooring.