Grocery Stores

Determining the right flooring system for a grocery or big box store can be a daunting decision. The floor needs to be attractive, easy to maintain, and durable enough to handle displays, equipment, and substantial amounts of foot traffic every day. Resinous flooring systems make it possible for these businesses to cost-efficiently meet all of these goals.

Our decorative concrete and coating flooring products can be used to create a seamless and flawless floor that will perform for many years with minimal amounts of maintenance. Thanks to protective and resilient topcoat products, your floors can remain clean and sparkling without the need for stripping or waxing.

Regardless of the unique needs you may have for your retail areas, break rooms, restrooms, delis, or bakeries within your stores, we have the moisture-resistant, sanitary, and strong flooring systems you need in order to keep your employees and customers safe and happy.