Floor Kits

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  • Alpha 1 Day Floor Coating 500 sq. ft. Kit by Duraamen. Polyurea-Polyurethane Resin Chip Concrete Flor Coating

    Alpha One-Day Floor Coating Kit

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  • Endura Grage Floor Coating Kit

    Endura Garage Epoxy Flooring Coating Kit

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  • Kraftig SL Urethane Concrete Floor Coating Kit (UMC)

    Kraftig Urethane Cement Flooring Kit

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  • Lumiere Designer Metallic Epoxy DIY Floor Kit

    Lumiere Designer Metallic Epoxy Floor Kit

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  • Param DIY Polished Concrete Floor Kit

    Param Polished Concrete Floor Kit

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  • Perdure High-build Epoxy Floor Kit by duraamen

    Perdure High-Build Epoxy Coating for Industrial Flooring

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  • Polished Concrete Grind & Seal Floor Kit by Duraamen, 1000 sq. ft., gloss finish

    Grind & Seal Polished Concrete Floor Kit

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  • Perdure Self-leveling Epoxy Floor Kit by Duraamen

    Perdure Self-Leveling Epoxy Flooring Kit

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  • Skraffino Concrete Microtopping Kit

    Skraffino Concrete Microtopping Kit

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  • Kwortz (quartz) and UMC Floor coating System

    Quartz Urethane Concrete Floor Kit

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About Floor Kits

At Duraamen, we’re your one-stop destination for top-quality floor kits, offering complete installation packages that come with the added convenience of FREE shipping. Whether you’re in search of metallic epoxy coatings, polished concrete flooring solutions, epoxy flooring systems, garage coatings, or urethane concrete, we’ve got you covered. As trusted epoxy suppliers, our floor kits are meticulously designed to streamline your project, ensuring a seamless and professional installation process, while our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. With Duraamen’s floor kits, you’ll have all the tools and materials you need to transform your space, all delivered right to your doorstep.