Epoxy Sealers

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About Epoxy Sealers

Water-based epoxy sealers for use on concrete substrates and overlays provide a durable, long-wearing abrasion-resistant finish. Epoxy sealers are thicker than other types of sealers. This makes them the best choice for protection against abrasions, scratches, and high-traffic wear as they are much tougher than acrylic or other types of sealers. Most water-based epoxy sealers are available in either clear or pigmented formulas. They have excellent adhesion to concrete and are low odor so they can be installed in occupied areas.

Because some epoxy sealers are susceptible to yellowing from UV exposure, they are ideally suited for indoor use. A 100% solids epoxy sealer, such as Duraamen’s Perdure E12, was formulated to combat the yellowing of standard epoxy sealers. It is specifically formulated to be UV resistant while providing the same long-wearing finish and abrasion resistance that all epoxy sealers provide.

Epoxy sealers are also non-porous which prevents the escape of trapped moisture that can lead to bubbling or cracking of the finished floor. While this can be an issue with some applications, this property also makes water-based epoxy sealers ideal for food preparation areas and other facilities where the floor is often in contact with water.

For applications where an epoxy sealer may be the ideal solution—but moisture vapor transmission of the substrate is a concern, Duraamen provides a breathable water-based epoxy topcoat—Perdure BE58. This breathable epoxy topcoat allows water vapor to escape from the concrete substrate, preventing the flooring from bubbling and cracking. Perdure BE58 has good chemical resistance, is UV stable, and provides excellent wear and scratch resistance common to all epoxy sealers. It also meets USGBC–LEED low VOC requirements, as it is a low odor.

Duraamen’s full line of water-based epoxy sealers is second to none. Contact a Duraamen representative today for help choosing the right epoxy sealer for your project.