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Decorative concrete floors and resinous coated concrete floors are used for nearly every application imaginable. Residential, commercial, manufacturing, hospitals, schools, outdoor spaces, and restaurants are just a sample of the industries and applications that use concrete flooring.

How to find the right floor system

To help you choose the right flooring system for your project, we’ve created this handy guide. Choose an Application from the menu on the right. Next, choose a secondary application and then a floor system.

For example, if you want a garage floor coating for your home and are not sure what floor system to use, select “Residential.” On the next page, choose “Garage.” Finally, select a floor system that appeals to you from that page.

EX: Residential > Garage > Resin chip garage floor epoxy system

You can learn about color options, specifications and download technical data sheets and brochures on the floor system page. You can also choose your floor’s options and purchase your customized floor system.

More Help & Information

If you have questions about our floor systems or how to install them, our training videos may be able to help. If you’d prefer to talk to a human, feel free to call us. We’re always here to help with all your concrete floor questions.

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