Perdure P90


High solids polyaspartic polyurea coating

This high-gloss sealer topcoat is a two-component polyaspartic polyurea that provides UV stable (non-yellowing), and chemical resistant protection over any concrete floor surface. It is a superior, new generation product exhibiting fast cure and excellent stain resistance.



The use of Polyaspartic chemistry for finish coats represents an exciting entry into a new coating technology for floor sealing and coating applications. Polyaspartics enhance the use of conventional two-component aliphatic polyurethane technology by providing faster dry times and the higher film builds. The fast-drying characteristics of Polyaspartics translate into a rapid return to service, and high film build makes it possible to reduce the number of coats while maintaining the same overall thickness. These improvements all add up to improve the overall productivity of the application process.

Perdure P90 is a two-component, ultra-high solids, aliphatic Polyaspartic polyurea designed to provide high gloss, UV stable (non-yellowing), and chemical resistant protection. It is a superior, new generation product exhibiting fast cure and excellent stain resistance.

Perdure P90 has a very low odor and can be applied indoors in occupied areas. It is generally used as a clear, high gloss finish on duraamen’s flooring systems.


  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent chemical and stain resistance
  • Suitable for both exterior and interior applications
  • It may be used for both horizontal and vertical applications

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Technical Details

Viscosity @ 75°F 250-300cps Pot Life 20 minutes
Mixing Ratio 1:1 Dry to Touch 2.5 hours @ 75°F
Solids Content 72% by volume Re-Coat 4 hours @ 75°F
VOC 0 Light Traffic 4–5 hours @ 75°F
Tensile Strength, ASTM D638 5000psi Heavy Traffic 48 hours
Abrasion Resistance, ASTM D968 30liters sand/1 dry mil


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