Perdure PU100


100% Solids Polyurea Coating

Perdure PU100 is a Two-component, 100% solids, Low VOC Polyurea Basecoat formulated to accept full broadcast of resin chips, typically used in garage floors. It is available in Grey and Tan colors for excellent hiding properties. It allows a rapid cure for scraping the excess chips and coating with polyaspartic topcoats in one-day garage coating systems.

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Perdure PU100 is 100% solids, two-component Polyurea Coating designed to be used as a primer/basecoat for full broadcast resin chip systems. It shows excellent adhesion, impact resistance, and flexibility on concrete surfaces. It cures rapidly, allowing for a quick return to service.


  • Self-Priming
  • Rapid Cure, Quick Return to Service
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Highly flexible
  • Simple mix ratio (2:1)
  • Cross-linking matrix

Additional information

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3.00gal, 15.00gal


Grey, Tan

Technical Details


Drying Time Category 41°F 68°F 86°F
Set-to-touch 1.5 hrs 1 hrs
Walkable 8 hrs 6 hrs
Pot life 15 min 10 min
Above drying time have been measured under laboratory conditions and may vary depending on the construction site.
Specific gravity approx. 1.15 (mixture) Solid content (wt%) Part A Part B Mixture
Theoretical Coverage 0.34 kg/m2 (11.81mil) 99.2 100 99.6
Color Colored Solid volume ratio approx. 99±1%
Mixing ratio A / B = 2 / 1 (Volume Ratio) Thickness of dried film 11.81mil
Shelf life 6 months (41°~95°F indoor storage) Packaging unit A part 3.79L, B part 3.79L
Product Properties (Physical Property Data)
Tensile strength Over 16 Mpa Elongation Rate 50~100 %
Adhesion strength 600 psi (Substrate Failure) Hardness Shore D 60 ± 5


Perdure PU100 is used as a Primer/Basecoat in Garage Floor Coating Systems. It is most suitable in full broadcast systems.


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