Endura Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Kit


Epoxy coating with resin chips for garage floors and more

FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the continental USA.

Everything you need in one simple DIY kit to protect and beautify your garage floor with Duraamen’s professional-grade products.



Kit includes the following:

  • Endura E21 Epoxy Body Coat (6.25gal)
  • Endura Resin Floor Chips (100lbs)
  • Perdure P72 Polyaspartic Topcoat/Sealer (4gal)

Multiple Colors:

Choose from our most popular resin chip system colors. Pair any chip color with any bodycoat color. Use our color charts to help guide your decision.

Products Included in this Package

1 or 2-Car Garage Flooring Kit | 500sq.ft
$949.50 ($1.90 / sq.ft.)

  • Endura E21, 3.75gal (3 x 1gal can part A, 3 x 1qt can part B)
  • Endura Resin Chips, 40lb (1 x box)
  • Perdure P72, polyaspartic topcoat/sealer, 2gal
    (2x 1gal cans, parts A & B)
  • Optional Installation Tool Kit (+$150.00)

3 or 4-Car Garage Flooring Kit | 1000sq.ft
$1,649.50 ($1.65 / sq.ft.)

  • Endura E21, 5gal (5gal pail A, 1gal can part B)
  • Endura E21, 1.25gal (1gal can A, 1qt can B)
  • Endura Resin Chips, 80lb (2x 40lb boxes)
  • Perdure P72 Polyaspartic topcoat/sealer, 4gal
    (4 x 1gal cans—2 part A, 2 part B)
  • Optional Installation Tool Kit (+$150.00)

FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the continental USA.

Additional information

Floor Area

500 sq. ft., 1000 sq. ft.

Body Coat Color

Buff, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Tan, Taupe

Chip Color

Creekbed, Orbit, Outback, Safari, Shoreline, Snowfall, Terrier, Wombat, Woodland

Tool Kit

Installation Tool Kit (+150.00), None


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