Alex and Ani Retail Store

Alex & Ani desired a high shine polished concrete floor for their flagship retail store in Providence, RI. However, there was a problem. The store’s flooring was a gypsum-based underlayment. Gypsum cannot be polished and does not normally accept concrete overlays.

Fortunately Duraamen’s Skraffino concrete microtopping/overlay is the only product that can be applied directly over a gypsum-based underlayment. After the 

application of Skraffino, a super-durable epoxy coating, was applied over the newly resurfaced concrete.

Finally one of Duraamen’s solvent-based polyurethane top coats was applied for its superior protection and aesthetic qualities. The versatile nature of Duraamen’s urethane top coats allowed for the enhancement of a non-skid flooring surface at the entrance of the store by simply integrating the appropriate additive.