How to install Self-Leveling Epoxy over Plywood or Cement Board

Concrte coatings expert, Bob Harris, guides you through the process of applying a self-leveling epoxy floor coating over cement board. This process is also used for floor coatings over plywood.

The first step is to apply Perdure E02 directly to the substrate. Perdure E02 is used as an epoxy primer for this project. Use fiberglass mesh to join the seams, which help with the deflection of the later epoxy coats. ‘

Next, install Perdure FE80. FE80 is a flexible epoxy that acts as a. base coat. Broadcast dry sand onto the wet FE80 to rejection. The sand must be perfectly dry with no moisture. Make sure there is more than enough sand so that the epoxy isn’t visible. After 18-20 hours of drying time, broom the excess sand, and use a vacuum.

Then the bodycoat is applied, Perdure E10, pigmented with your choice color, is applied using a roller.

Lastly, Bob applies the Perdure P72 polyaspartic sealer. A good tip is to use an 18″ roller for efficiency and have extra clean roller covers on hand.

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