How to Create a Broom Finish Concrete Driveway, Patio, or Pool Deck

Bob Harris, renowned concrete coatings and decorative concrete professional, teaches you how to create a broom-finished, outdoor concrete surface using Duraamen’s Unberdek exterior concrete floor system.

Uberdek is a polymer-modified concrete overlay uniquely formulated for outdoor surfaces like driveways, patios, and pool decks. In this video, Bob walks you through the steps necessary to create a professionally broom-finished concrete surface. He teaches optional colorized concrete approaches as well.

To get started, Bob uses Duraamen’s Param FP (feather patch) to fix any divots, chips, gouges, or spalls in the concrete substrate. After 3 hours of dry time, the repaired concrete substrate is ready for a primer.

The primer of choice is Duraamen’s CP1000. CP1000 is a premium-grade acrylic copolymer used on concrete, brick, wood, plywood, and ceramic tiles to prepare for a concrete overlay. It needs 1-2 hours cure time before applying anything over it.

A base coat of the Uberdek concrete overlay is applied next. Uberdek comes in white and grey base colorings. The white base is often chosen for vividly colored architectural designs, where the grey base is most often used with practical or simple broom-finished concrete overlays. The Uberdek is applied manually using trowels and squeegees and then given 24 hours to dry.

The next day a finish coat of Uberdek is applied using a simple broom finish. In this method, the installers apply the Uberdek manually and use a broom to add texture to the surface immediately after its application. They work in smaller workable areas until the entire surface is covered and textured.

Here the broom-finished Uberdek is colored with a slightly darker-than-concrete gray (optional) using Colorfast integral coloring. Duraamen’s Colorfast pigment comes in several popular contemporary hues that can be mixed and matched. Color options are further increased depending on your choice of Uberdek base color (white or gray).

Uberdak can also be colored with water-based or acid-based stains after its installation. Bob uses a sprayer to demonstrate how to apply Duraamen’s AquaColor water-based concrete stain.

Finally, Duraamen’s Dekguard is applied to protect the surface. Dekguard is a non-yellowing, low gloss, siloxane modified sealer for concrete surfaces. Because it contains siloxane, Dekguard has double the life expectancy of most other acrylic concrete sealers. Our Dekguard with siloxane repels water and moisture better than other brands of concrete sealers. Water penetration causes the deterioration of sealers and concrete.

To learn more, to talk to an expert, or to hire a contractor contact a Duraamen representative.
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