Installing a Resin Chip Flooring System (Endura)

One of the most economical ways to add aesthetically pleasing flooring to garage flooring is by installing an epoxy resin chip flooring system. Professional grade resin chip systems not only improve the appearance of a garage floor, they protect against stains, tire marks and hide imperfections in the substrate.

Because of the aesthetics and features of resin chip concrete flooring their use is not limited to garage floors. Other applications such as basements, laundry rooms, storage areas, warehouse and commercial floors will also benefit from their application.

Resin chip systems typically consist of three parts; a primer, a body coat and resin chips, and a top coat. Depending on the application and condition of the concrete substrate, the installer may apply up to five coats of product to achieve the desired result.

Installing a Resin Chip Flooring System

In this instructional how-to video series, Bob Harris of the Decorative Concrete Institute demonstrates the application of a typical garage floor coating. Application of a colored body coat, broadcasting of chips and top coat options are explained in detail.

Video 1: Bob demonstrates mixing and installing the epoxy body coat (Perdure E21). Proper technique for broadcasting chips to refusal is also shown. Grout coating is discussed for certain types of installations.

Video 2: Preparing the cured body coat for the reception a top coat is demonstrated. Top coat options (Perdure P72 or Perdure P90) are discussed and the proper technique for application is demonstrated.

Every project has its own unique qualities. For this reason it’s important that you consult your Duraamen representative for project specific questions.