Endura Resin Chip & Epoxy Garage Flooring System

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Blue Chip Flooring.
Professional-grade Epoxy Resin Chip Garage Floor Coating

Though it may look similar to other brands, Endura isn’t the “same ol’” epoxy chip flooring system. Endura is a professional-grade, high-build, epoxy & polyaspartic resin chip floor coating that is up to eight times the thickness of typical big-box store epoxy paint kits. When appropriately installed, Endura’s superior bond strength will create a protective barrier that will last the life of the concrete without peeling, lifting, or cracking.


  • Fast install and quick return to service
  • Chemical Resistance of automotive fluids and harsh cleaning solutions
  • High compressive strength withstands heavy foot and rubber wheel traffic
  • Slip-resistance resin chips
  • Moisture vapor resistant
Endura Garage Epoxy Flooring Coating Kit
Durable epoxy coating infused with resin chips, ideal for garage floors and various other surfaces.

Beyond Garage Flooring

  • Residential garages & basements
  • Auto showrooms & retail stores
  • Entranceways, lobbies, and corridors
  • Restrooms and locker rooms
  • Laundry & clean rooms
  • Healthcare facilities

Get the Best of Epoxy + Polyaspartic.

Endura forms a tenacious bond with concrete. It’s moisture vapor resistant to prevent lifting, and its thickness helps smooth out the substrate. Endura’s polyaspartic topcoat is chemical, hot-tire pick, and UV resistant. Store-bought kits are paint-like and don’t include a topcoat.

The Perfect Garage Coatings for Automotive Businesses and Showrooms

Endura is the perfect choice for garages and auto showrooms. Its seamless, decorative, slip-resistant finish makes it the safe and designer-friendly choice for any concrete surface.

Endura is available in eight popular color varieties. Numerous other colors are available by request.