Remodeling Restaurants in NYC with Polished Concrete Flooring

Remodeling Restaurants in NYC with Polished Concrete Flooring | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Remodeling Restaurants in New York City

Urethane Concrete Systems are the perfect solution for commercial kitchens. They are sturdy, non slip and seamless. 

When evaluating kitchens, the commercial kitchens especially, get great abuse. Scorching grease, abrasive foot traffic, oil, alcohol, espresso, soda are all elements that stain, damage and are hard to clean. Also take into account gravity and the feet that track these products everywhere that create a difficult ground issue. Urethane Concrete Systems are the perfect solution for commercial kitchens. They are sturdy, non slip and seamless. Epoxy can withstand the mandatory harsh cleaners. Cove moldings might be added around all vertical areas and coated with epoxy. It is necessary to add the molds and cover the vertical areas for a really pertinent reason. This makes for a seamless pan ground that may be excessively washed without getting below the partitions which can trigger mold, micro organism build and a costly shut down by the board of health.

Urethane Concrete is available in many colors with decorative chips or quartz that make them a solution. Excessive build epoxy coatings are a operation and design solution for commercial kitchens.
Another room to think about when renovating a restaurant are the bathrooms. Bathrooms require consistent and steady cleansing with harsh chemicals. Epoxies are an ideal answer in bathrooms, but there are options. Decorative concrete overlays may be sealed with clear epoxy sealers. It additionally incorporates polyaspartics that go on like iron whereas enhancing these decorative concrete overlays.
Dining areas require the design, function solution with further options. There is concrete polishing, self leveling concrete and numerous thin skim coats that may be personalized to create any design choice you can imagine. Cutting the overlays into tile designs will make for the appearance of textured stone. There are thin overlays that may be stamped with texture maps, colored to seem like blue stone, slate or any pure stone, then noticed reduce patterns will make the floor seem like slabs of granite.

Remodeling Restaurants NYC

In addition to flooring, you have unlimited options with bar tops, sinks and tables. Use your imagination and I am certain you’ll be able to come up with more. Bar tops have been constructed with glass inlays, pieces of copper, tile, and machine parts. Anything you possibly can think about could be embed into concrete.

Counter tops and bar tops could be stained in natural earth tones or with vivid colored dyes. Using different colored concrete blended together can create a custom marble appearance. Remodeling restaurants bar tops is a good advertising strategy. Your customers will bear in mind you own the beautiful, and unique concrete bar top.
For continuing your theme with a singular look and you may have customized sinks made for the bathrooms. The cost could also be more then stock fixtures however the return on the investment can be extraordinary for the advertising benefit.

The identical holds true with tables. Whenever you’re trying to create a singular picture, no product can match the unique curb enchantment created with decorative concrete.

Remodeling Restaurants in NYC With Decorative Concrete – Areas We Serve

We offer decorative concrete for flooring in New York City, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Long Island and Westchester County New York. Contact us for a free session for remodeling restaurants in North America.


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