Epoxy Coatings in a Hair care manufacturing plant in New Jersey

Epoxy Coatings in a Hair care manufacturing plant in New Jersey | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Epoxy coatings have long been used on concrete floors for their high adhesion and good mechanical properties. Epoxies have excellent chemical, acid and water resistance. They have better alkali resistance than most other polymers. Epoxies create seamless, monolithic, glossy coatings that protect concrete floors from contaminants, chemicals and abrasion. Warehouses, factories, basements and garages are all common floor-types for this relatively simple-to-use coating.

Recently, The Concrete Makeover a decorative concrete coatings company based in Clark, NJ successfully completed an epoxy flooring project in 9000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility of Razac, a Hair care products manufacturer based in Newark, NJ. The concrete substrate was in a very bad shape. Any concrete substrate must be clean and in good repair before coating. Contaminants such as efflorescence, laitance, grease, oil and loose material such as dirt or flaking paint coatings interfere with adhesion and must be removed. Since the concrete floor had several undulations and defects like voids, and bug holes, it was decided to pour self-leveling cement, Param 4500 at 3/8” to 1/2″ thickness. The pouring of self-leveling cement was broken down into two phases. A team of 6 people installed approximately 4500 sq.ft. on each day for two days.


The self-leveling cement was allowed to cure for 24 hours before applying Endura E21, self priming epoxy coating. It is a two-part epoxy coating applied directly over Param 4500. Two coats were applied. The first coat was diluted with xylene 8% by volume in Endura E21 for better penetration into the self-leveling cement. The two coats were applied using a notched squeegee and subsequently back rolling with a 3/8” nap 18” roller. A team of 5 people could finish applying each coat within 5-6 hours. The foot traffic was allowed on the floor after 24 hours of the application of the epoxy coating, Endura E21.

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