What are the polished concrete flooring options in New York City?

What are the polished concrete flooring options in New York City | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Polished concrete floors are very popular these days in New York City. There are several options available for a property owner as far as color, texture and finish of the concrete floors. If the concrete is in good shape then the most sought after option is mechanical grinding & polishing process. 

The traditional mechanical grinding & polishing process consists of 6 to 10 steps depending upon the substrate condition and the level of desired finish. This multi step process becomes expensive and time consuming. A very popular method of polishing concrete has emerged in the recent years. It involves metal grinding with 80 – 100 grit or 100 – 200 grit and sealing with water based epoxy followed by a matte polyurethane. This look is very New York type and therefore property owners/managers are loving it. It not only looks fantastic, it also works out to be very cost effective. The contractors call it ‘grind & seal’ polished concrete flooring.


If the existing concrete is in bad shape then there are few choices for polished concrete flooring. The most frequently asked question is How Do I Choose the right one for my New York apartment or commercial space. 

Polished Concrete Toppings – If the concrete substrate is in bad shape then polishable concrete topping can be installed and polished like traditional polished concrete. This process is shown in the videos on This Page. This process although very popular, it costs time and money.

Grind & Seal Concrete Topping – A very cost effective way to achieve that very subtle New York look is to pour a concrete topping like Param 5500 and seal it with water acrylic and polyurethane topcoat. You may want to check out the photo gallery – https://www.duraamen.com/photo-gallery/self-leveling-concrete/

Terrazzi Sprayble Polished Concrete – The advantage of this system is that it is a very cost effective method to achieve polished concrete floors in large area like the high rise building in New York City. Recently Tiffany’s flagship store in New York City was installed using this system. 

Please Contact Us to discuss your polished concrete flooring project in New York City. 

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