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Brewery Flooring Option Urethane Concrete Flooring | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

It’s a darn shame when good beer gets spilled — all the more so when that spill can damage your floor over time, create an unhygienic environment, or put your employees at risk.

Whether you’re a microbrewery out of Portland or have Clydesdales parked outside your brewery in St. Louis, we have the deep expertise to give your world-class brewery a world class flooring solution.

Duraamen understands the many challenges a brewery floor faces, and we’ll make sure your various floors can withstand every one:

Spillage and drainage
It’s a brewery. Liquids are going to spill. We’ll make sure your floor’s surface can handle the deluge of water, alcohol, and sanitizing and cleaning agents, and be tough enough to withstand hot water wash downs of extremely hot temperatures (and extremely cold temperatures) — not to mention exposure to malts, heavy grains, enzymes, brewing sugars, acids and whatever else is headed its way.

We’ll also give your floor effective drainage capabilities. In technical terms, wherever you accumulate excess water, like in your production area, we’ll lay it to falls so the excess water gets removed — fast.

Slip resistance
All that liquid can easily cause slips. Our flooring solutions can easily prevent them. We’ll also give your floor a proper, textured finish where it’s needed most.

Chemical resistance
Your beer may be all natural, but your sanitizers certainly aren’t. Caustics, disinfectants, and high-pressure cleanings may be great for sanitizing your equipment, but can damage a floor. We’ll protect it for the long haul, which will protect your investment.

Bacteria free and USDA compliant.
As a beverage production facility, hygiene and sanitation are paramount. There are also USDA compliance issues. We’ll design your floors using products that prevent bacterial growth and anything else that can harm your beer, or your reputation.

Our urethane concrete flooring is engineered to be non-porous and crack resistant, making it one of the most hygienic flooring solutions available. In a brewery where the environment is moist and there’s constant exposure to organic materials, this couldn’t be more important.

Being crack-free, chemicals are also prevented from seeping down and damaging your floor’s substrate. This can minimize the need for future repairs, saving you money over time.

Ware and abrasion
Kegs are no party if they cause physical damage to your floor. Your floor will be durable enough to take the pounding of kegs, hoses, tanks, heavy equipment, and whatever else rolls, slides, sits, or gets dragged across your brewery.

Multiple spaces, a combination of solutions —

Every space in your brewery has unique needs, whether it’s the ability to tolerate extreme changes in temperature, the weight of heavy equipment, high-foot traffic, or simply has to look great to the public. We’ll give your of different floors the proper coatings and treatments they need, and your tasting room the look it needs.

While it may require an onsite analysis of your facility to determine the right flooring solution, here is a sample solution for most breweries.


For brewing rooms:

While no two breweries are the same, the basic needs of brewing rooms are, which is why we most likely will recommend a urethane cement coating, a high-performance product specifically designed for harsh environments.

It is not only non-porous so it will keep bacteria from forming, it’s one of the toughest urethane concrete flooring products on the market for protecting against chemicals, thermal shock (extreme temperature change), abrasions and impacts. It’s cost also won’t shock your accountant.

In tasting rooms

The tasting room is different. It pretty much just needs to look great and enhance the tasting experience. No problem.

While hopefully there will be a lot less spilling than in the brewing rooms, it helps to have a tasting room floor that’s stain resistant in order to maintain its appearance. We can give you a concrete flooring option that gives you plenty of design versatility, and seal it accordingly with polyurethane to protect that design, and your floor from staining, foot traffic, and ware from tables and chairs.

On-time installation
A good floor is like a good beer. It should go down easy. We’ll not only install your flooring on time and within budget, but your assigned project manager will keep you posted every step of the way. Duraamen not only specializes in great flooring solutions, but great customer service.

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