The Best Flooring Options for the Growth of Your Cannabis Business

The Best Flooring Options for the Growth of Your Cannabis Business | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

New cannabis legislation is sweeping the nation. Cannabis Business owners are constructing or retrofitting their dispensaries and cultivation facilities to comply with state and federal regulations, enhances their stores, and produce a better plant product.

Your choice of flooring could impact your business tremendously.

New Urethane Modified Concrete floor coating for a canabis cultivation facility.

If your store or cultivation facility does not meet state and federal legal requirements for growing and handling marijuana, your license could be at risk.

Inferior flooring in a cultivation facility could lead to product degradation due to mold and decay, and inefficient production due to flooring maintenance and repair time.

Additionally, the Interior design of competing dispensaries is highly competitive. Many dispensaries have very high-end unique décor that to market their product. Your flooring system should allow for color and design options that help promote your brand.

For all these reasons, Urethane Modified Concrete (UMC) and Self-Leveling Epoxy (SLE) floor coating systems from Duraamen are the perfect choices for your cannabis business.

Why Choosing a Resinous Floor Coating for a Cannabis Dispensary or Cultivation Facility is an Excellent Choice.

Modified Urethane Concrete and Epoxy Coatings are known as “resinous floor coatings.” They are applied directly over the concrete substrate to protect and enhance your store’s or facility’s concrete substrate. We highly recommend our Perdure SLE and Kraftig flooring systems for the Marijuana Industry.

Perdure SLE is a self-leveling epoxy-based floor coating, while Kraftig is our top-of-the-line floor coating for the commercial food and cannabis industries.

Both systems are seamless (no spaces between like grouted tiles or hardwood boards), low maintenance, chemically resistant—they can handle daily cleanings with harsh cleaning chemicals. Some systems are breathable to resist moisture issues and are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. They resist foot traffic, abrasions, scuffs, and impacts and can be top-coated with different sealers for a customizable flooring solution.

Both Perdure SLE and UMC resinous floor systems are available in a variety of colors and finishes so you can match the décor, style, and brand that will make your dispensary unique, and your cultivation facility clean and safe.

Perdure SLE Diagram
Kraftig Diagram
diagram of epoxy floor coating
Diagram of urethane modified concrete floor coating.

UMC (Urethane Modified Concrete) or SLE (Self-leveling Epoxy)—Which Floor System is the Best for My Dispensary or Cultivation Facility?

You really can’t go wrong as UMC & SLE are both outstanding flooring systems. Having stated that, UMC is more expensive, but offers additional advantages over SLE.

The Benefits of Self-leveling Epoxy Coating: Perdure SLE

  • Seamless, wall-to-wall flooring
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete substrates
  • High wear, impact and abrasion resistance
  • Super-low maintenance compared with other types of flooring
  • Safe (slip-resistant finish)
  • Zero to Very Low VOC
  • Chemical Resistant.
  • Various protective topcoats are available for light, medium, and heavy traffic.
  • Formulated for ease of installation and quick turn around time.
  • Available in a variety of colors and finishes so you can match the décor, style, and brand that will make your dispensary unique and your cultivation facility clean and safe.

The Benefits of Urethane Modified Concrete: Kraftig

All the advantages of epoxy coatings plus…

  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, including concrete, quarry tiles, brick pavers, and plywood.
  • *Thermal Shock Resistance—steam cleaning and cold water cleaning will not affect this coating
  • Breathable—allows high levels of moisture vapor to pass through it, giving it anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, and increased durability.
  • Heavy-duty chemical resistance

Duraamen is your Cannabis Cultivation Facility and Dispensary Floor Experts.

We’re experts in Industrial facilities, food processing, and retail store flooring. Providing attractive, high-end, professional-grade, floor products is only part of our job. We also offer technical support and project consultations to business owners, property managers, installers, architects, and homeowners.

Purchase products from our online store, or contact us directly for a free consultation or to be referred to an installer near you.

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