Polished Concrete Floors in a bagel shop in Pennington, NJ

Polished Concrete Floors in a bagel shop in Pennington NJ | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

A bagel shop in Pennington, NJ recently installed a polished concrete floor with the help of Param 5500, self-leveling concrete topping. Mr. Gene Griggs of Artisan FX completed this project successfully.

The floor was previously covered with VCT. Since many of the tiles were loose and they were removed. The glue below the tiles was removed using a dustless grinder. After the floor was primed, the entire surface was covered with self leveling cement, Param 5500 was poured at a thickness of 3/8″. The total area to be covered was 1100 square feet. The self leveling concrete was then allowed to cure for 16 – 20 hours and then it was colored with DESO Dye, Burlywood and Rosy Brown. Multiple layers of these dyes at different dilution levels was used to create an acid stained look. The dyes need to be locked in with a sealer that can sprayed…usually a solvent based acrylic sealer is used for this purpose. The acrylic sealer was allowed to cure for 4-5 hours and then one coat of water based epoxy primer, Perdure E32 was applied and then another coat of water based polyurethane, Perdure U46 top coat was applied for long term durability.


The complete installation process is shown in the videos on THIS PAGE.

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