Incredible Metallic Epoxy Floors for your home or business

Sports arena with hot metallic epoxy flooring Incredible Metallic Epoxy Floors for your home or business | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Perhaps you’re already familiar with the seemingly countless benefits of metallic epoxy floor coatings. Many are drawn to improving their floor quality with a surface that’s both scratch-resistant and chip-resistant, while others enjoy the mirror-like shine and glamour metallic epoxy floors offer.

When you choose metallic epoxy floors for your home or business, there are numerous ways to incorporate lots of personalizations to make a bold statement or to create a streamlined look. No matter your aesthetic, they are known for giving a unique ambiance that fits almost any space and style, for homeowners and commercial facilities alike.

With so many options available, of course it makes sense that metallic epoxy floors are taking off. Here are the trends that are emerging right now in the world of metallic epoxy floors.

Design Trends Happening Now

There are so many looks that can be accomplished by combining various metallic epoxies. Because of this, there are several trends that are growing in popularity. One of the major trends that seems to be taking off is installing a metallic epoxy floor that mimics the appearance of marble floors. With color options and varying lusters to choose from, a marbleized effect can create a subtle, shimmering elegance or an over-the-top brilliance that’s completely customizable.

What other trends seem to be here to stay with metallic epoxy floor coatings? Metallic epoxies can be used to create eye-catching designs like ripples, water movements, and even clouds that seem to pop up from the floor for a three-dimensional floor effect that offers a sophisticated appearance.

For those that have their heart set on an intricate design, it might be wise to have a professional install your epoxy flooring to create these more involved designs. Swirl patterns and marbling techniques can be installed by beginners and there are detailed tutorials available to accomplish these effects, but for more precise techniques and detailed designs, you may want to employ the skill of a professional.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring at Home

More and more, homeowners are opting to install metallic epoxy flooring over other flooring materials. Sure, it’s durable and long-lasting, and many homeowners enjoy that their new, low-maintenance floors are resistant to moisture, stains, chemicals, and UV light. However, with gorgeous metallic pigments to incorporate, it’s also a great way to breathe new life into a home.

Metallic epoxy flooring is sleek, modern, and provides a glossy finish for a distinctive, unique aesthetic, like that of these beautiful, metallic floors. Homeowners with a flair for the one-of-a-kind love that metallic epoxy floors aren’t just dramatic and contemporary, they’re also completely original and impossible to replicate.

Unlike some other flooring options that are limited in color, pattern, or texture, there’s an unending series of pigment combinations to match a home’s interior. Metallic epoxy pigments can be mixed to match your floors, kitchen cabinet handles and drawer pulls, faucets, and more.

Metallic epoxy flooring is a prime way to personalize your space. Whether you’re seeking a glittering bathroom and wardrobe or a refined, luxurious look when neither stone, slate, nor marble make sense to install, metallic epoxy floors are the way to go.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring in the Workplace

While metallic epoxy floors are a wonderful choice in the home, they also can’t be beat in workplaces and commercial spaces. They offer a shiny high-gloss surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic without showing wear and tear like other floors quickly do.

This durability makes metallic epoxy floors the perfect option for restaurants, salons, high-end retail stores where other floor materials don’t hold up. Because they offer a truly seamless surface, there’s nowhere for dirt, dust, or germs to settle, which is crucial in environments that require a high standard of cleanliness.

Metallic epoxy floors are undeniably practical, but they are also versatile. Depending on the space, you can even create an underwater-themed look for your workplace floor like this under-the-sea themed children’s ward in a hospital. Even in these fragile environments, epoxy floors are always safe for installation around children once the epoxy is fully cured (And it’s important to note that Duraamen’s epoxies are all low-VOC, making them even safer!).

In commercial spaces, you can combine contrasting colors for maximum impact in places like bars and nightclubs, or opt for a more subtle combination for a refined look in restaurants or art galleries. Either way, you’ll make a strong impression with smooth floors that aren’t broken up by seams or grout lines, and you’ll get floors that are beautiful to look at, and also slip-resistant for a safer workplace.

How Duraamen Can Help

At home or at work, your floors are the foundation for an appealing, welcoming space. At Duraamen, we understand that you’re not just making an investment in new floors, you’re also making a statement about who you are.

Our Lumiere metallic essence pigments offer color, shine, and depth—without the hard work required with other, more labor-intensive floors. And with all kinds of colors to choose from, you’ll end up with flooring that’s stylish, safe, and easy to care for.

You can discover more about your countless options with Duraamen metallic epoxy floors here.

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