Installing Metallic Epoxy Coatings (Lumiere)

Metallic epoxy coatings (often referred to as designer epoxy coatings) offer a unique and creative approach to installing a contemporary, decorative concrete floor for residential or commercial use. Modern designer metallic epoxy flooring systems are typically packaged as a two-part epoxy and metallic pigment that need to be mixed in correct proportions. The pigments are usually offered in a wide variety of colors.

Designer epoxy flooring offers several advantages including, the strength and durability characteristics of industrial flooring, and the ability to create a seamless floor. Duraamen’s Lumiere Reflector Designer Epoxy Coating System was designed with these attributes in mind. Lumiere has low VOC and is available in a “fast-cure” variation.

Lumiere is applied in a three-step process; prime, apply, and seal.

Installing Designer/Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings

This metallic epoxy instructional how-to video series, hosted by Bob Harris of the Decorative Concrete Institute, will have you ready to perform your first installation of designer epoxy flooring in no time.

Video 1: Priming the concrete substrate using an epoxy primer (Perdure E02) is demonstrated.

Video 2: Bob demonstrates how to mix designer epoxy (Duraamen’s Lumiere Clear) and the addition of metallic pigment (Duraamen’s Metallic Essence). Techniques for trowelling are shown, as well as the use of multiple colors for creative effects.

Video 3: Adding color and texture. Bob Harris demonstrates creative flooring methods using his favorite tools and techniques.

Video 4: The optional step of spritzing the floor with solvent to create varied textures is demonstrated. Final sanding and application of a polyaspartic top coat (Perdure P72) are shown and explained.

For creative ideas and techniques using designer epoxy coatings watch our Inspirational Designer Epoxy Flooring Video Series.