Polyaspartics are a Versatile High-Performance Concrete Coating

Polyaspartics are a Versatile High Performance Concrete Coating | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Due to technological advances, the world of concrete coatings has been growing in complexity and versatility. There are now a great many choices of concrete floor coatings, each with different features and uses. Polyaspartic coatings came into use in the ’90s. They were developed in response to the limitations of other floor coating products and processes. Let’s look at some of the underlying inadequacies of many floor coatings and how polyaspartics came to the rescue.

Of most interest was the desire for a high-performing floor coating that could cure quickly, speeding up the installation time. Businesses could not sacrifice a loss of time and production when having floors installed. Polyaspartic coatings set a new standard for a rapid cure and return to service. Contractors also benefited since they no longer had to wait for lengthy dry times.

Additionally, polyaspartic coatings are engineered for thicker applications. Their thickness reduces the number of layers needing to be applied. In many instances, one coat is sufficient, further reducing installation time and increases productivity.

Another advantage of polyaspartic coatings is their low content of volatile organic compounds (low VOC). Unlike many solvent-based coatings that create noxious fumes, polyaspartic coatings reduce exposure to unhealthy chemicals for installers and employees, resulting in little or no interruption in a client’s business, as employees may continue their workday during floor coating installation. In colder climates or facilities with refrigeration units, climate control is sometimes a challenge with regards to floor coating installation. Many products require a temperature of 55°F or higher. The science behind polyaspartic coatings enables applications in near-freezing temperatures. Polyaspartic coatings may be used for more types of floor installations and provide an extended outdoor work season for contractors. The strength and durability of polyaspartics are admirable, as well. The cured coating resists scratches, chemicals, and liquids as well or better than other coating choices. The integrity of the floor surface remains stable and resilient.


Epoxies and polyurethanes may yellow over time. Polyaspartic floor coatings are formulated to retain color and shine, making them especially appealing to consumers who insist on other color options than the traditional dull gray. Polyaspartic coatings enhance color vibrancy creating a dazzling-looking floor when used over colorful patterns and textures. It may also be used to topcoat an existing floor coating to help revive shine, vibrancy, and durability as polyaspartics are longer lasting than many other types of floor topcoats/sealers.

The technology of polyaspartics has made a tremendous impact on the concrete coating industry. To learn more about this practical, high-performance coating, give us a call at 866-835-6595, or shop our polyaspartic floor coating products.

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