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Hotels should be a home away from home. Guests expect style, comfort, and cleanliness in every area, from the lobby to their suite, and they’ll often spend big money for the experience. 

Hotel flooring can have a major impact on a guest’s overnight stay. Issues like stained carpets, noisy foot traffic in hallways, and moldy bathroom tiles can all lead to bad reviews that affect a hotel’s reputation. On the other hand, clean and practical flooring can be the foundation for a positive stay. 

Here we look at five hotel flooring options that contractors should consider when working for a client in the hospitality industry. 

Hotel Flooring Needs 

Different areas of the hotel have different flooring needs. Flooring in busy communal areas should be highly durable, while flooring in individual rooms should ideally be warm underfoot while minimizing sound. 


Hotels can contain restaurants, gyms, pools, and other facilities for guests to enjoy, but they are primarily a place for sleeping. When guests are paying considerable money for a room, they expect peace and quiet after hours. But that expectation isn’t always met. Noise from other guests is the most common hotel complaint in the United States.  

This makes the acoustics of hotel flooring incredibly important. Surfaces that amplify footsteps can be a serious problem for hotels, especially in rooms and hallways, as the noise can keep guests awake. Sound-dampening flooring, on the other hand, keeps foot traffic noise to a minimum and can serve as a layer of soundproofing between floors. 


Hotels with the highest ratings tend to have good amenities and comfortable beds, but style also plays a big part in determining a hotel’s reputation. Take a look at the inside of a luxury hotel and you’ll see attention to detail everywhere, from the color scheme to the light fixtures. 

Hotel flooring should be as attractive as it is functional. Lobby flooring is often sleek and attention-grabbing, while rooms and hallways usually have a more muted appearance. Clients may also wish to incorporate their brand colors or logos into the flooring. 


After noisy neighbors, the second most common hotel complaint is unpleasant carpet odors. Whether guests are relaxing in their room or enjoying amenities like the gym, hotel flooring should be spotless, so it makes sense to install flooring that can be easily cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Some areas, like lobbies, can be cleaned using industrial equipment, while others, like suite bathrooms, will be cleaned using manual tools due to the limited floorspace. 


Hotels see a large amount of foot traffic, particularly in areas like lobbies and stairwells. Hotel flooring therefore needs to be strong and durable, as damaged or scuffed surfaces can deter customers. 

In addition to scuffs from shoes, floors are also likely to be subject to suitcase wheels and bell carts, which can cause damage to weak materials. 

Hotel Flooring Options 

Contractors have several options when it comes to hotel flooring, from decorative polished concrete to metallic epoxy. It’s best to know your options because while some clients may have specific flooring types in mind, they may also be open to suggestions. 


The standard flooring option for hotel rooms and hallways is carpet. This is mostly due to its soundproofing and thermally insulating properties. 

However, carpet requires a commitment to cleanliness as it is difficult to clean and can harbor bacteria and bad smells. Carpeted flooring can also quickly seem dated, as contemporary interior design tends to favor hard flooring. 

The benefits of carpet include: 

  • Acoustic insulation 
  • Thermal insulation

Polished Concrete    

Polished concrete flooring is concrete that has been ground down with various blade sizes to achieve a smooth finish, but it can also be installed quickly with self-leveling or spray products.  

The downside of course being that concrete can create cavernous acoustics that could require more strategic furniture layouts or thicker walls for the guest experience. 

The benefits of polished concrete include:     

  • Durability and impact resistance  
  • Sleek and modern appearance 
  • Easy cleanability

Our Products   

For hotel areas like lobbies and restaurants, Duraamen offers several suitable solutions, including Terrazzi and Param 5500. 

The sprayable Terrazzi system is easy to install, highly abrasion-resistant, and available in several decorative finishes, making it suited for busy areas where guests will form their opinion of the hotel’s aesthetics. 

Another option is the Param 5500 self-leveling concrete topping system, which is exceptionally strong, moisture-resistant, and stain-resistant. Even tougher than other concrete solutions, the self-leveling option is great for high-traffic areas like lobbies, hallways, bars, and restaurants. 

Metallic Epoxy 

Hotels aiming for a trendy modern aesthetic should look no further than metallic epoxy flooring for their lobbies, restaurants, bars, and even guestrooms. With a beautiful glass-like appearance, metallic epoxy is one of the most eye-catching floor types available. 

The benefits of metallic epoxy flooring include: 

  • Stunning and unique appearance 
  • Moisture and stain resistance 
  • Wear and impact resistance

Our Products 

The Lumiere designer metallic epoxy floor system from Duraamen is environmentally friendly and sets fast and strong. Comprising a primer, body coat, and top coat (matte or glossy), the flooring comes in many colors to suit the client’s cosmetic preferences. 

Lumiere flooring can transform customer-facing areas like restaurants and lobbies, giving hospitality clients an advantage over their competitors. 

Decorative Quartz 

Decorative quartz is a urethane cement floor coating made by broadcasting quartz crystals into wet cement. This practical and stylish flooring is great for hotel areas subject to moisture such as shared restrooms and pool decks, as it is excellent at resisting mold and bacteria. 

The benefits of decorative quartz flooring include:  

  • Durability  
  • Mold and bacteria resistance 
  • Slip resistance 

Our Products  

Duraamen’s Quartz Urethane concrete floor kit contains everything needed to install decorative quartz flooring: our Kraftig SL self-leveling urethane concrete, Kwortz quartz crystals, and Perdure P72 polyaspartic topcoat. 

This decorative quartz product excels in breathability, chemical resistance, and toughness. And with 15 color options, the Quartz Urethane kit suits a variety of hotel aesthetics. 

Urethane Concrete 

Urethane concrete is a type of flooring system that combines the strength and durability of urethane with the toughness of concrete. It is typically applied as a self-leveling or trowel-applied mortar, creating a seamless and high-performance flooring surface. Easy to clean and impact resistant, this flooring style is ideal for commercial hotel kitchens.  

The benefits of urethane concrete for hotels include: 

  • Durability 
  • Cleanliness 
  • Thermal Shock Resistant  

Our Products 

Our Kraftig System is designed to withstand the rigorous demands of commercial and industrial environments. It provides exceptional durability, impact resistance, and chemical resistance, making it suitable for hotel areas with exposure to harsh substances, like kitchens.The Kraftig system offers a seamless, non-porous surface that is easy to clean and maintain, reducing the risk of bacteria growth. 


Gone are the days when hotel flooring meant musty old carpet covered in stains and cigarette burns. With sleek contemporary options like polished concrete and metallic epoxy, contractors can give hotel clients the flooring revamp they require. 

Contact Duraamen to discuss the best options for your next hotel flooring job. 

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