Which Options Are Best for My Napa Winery Flooring?

Winery in Napa CA Which Options Are Best for My Napa Winery Flooring | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Which Options Are Best for My Napa Winery Flooring?

Napa Valley is California’s wine country that produces some of the best wine in the world. It’s one of the most famous wine regions with more than 400 wineries. Most of these wineries are family-owned and operated and work hard to welcome local, national and international visitors to their beautiful vineyards and operations. Along with the wine touring, tasting, shopping, and dining, there is a lot of expertise that goes on behind the scenes, from the soil to the bottling of your favorite wine. All business owners in Napa Valley are in a unique place to host visitors who are very happy to arrive and enjoy the produce and beauty of their land.

If you own a winery, you’ve got to focus on cultivating your grapes, ensuring that they don’t get too hot during the day, or too cold at night. Then you’ve got to think about your harvest, your crush, and your production. But do you ever consider everything that can affect the quality of your Napa Winery Flooring?

After all, your tasting rooms and showrooms are high traffic areas most of the year, but especially in the summer and the fall crush season.  Meanwhile, your production rooms are constantly being abused with foot, forklift, bottling, and other equipment traffic.

winery in Napa CS concrete floor coatings for wineries Which Options Are Best for My Napa Winery Flooring | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Urethane Concrete Is One Great Choice

Düraamen’s Urethane Concrete Flooring is known as one of the industry’s toughest systems. It’s resistant to thermal shock, abrasion-resistant, impact-resistant, and chemical-resistant. Better yet, it has zero VOCs and low odor, so it can’t contaminate your wine or food. It’s also slip-resistant to eliminate possible accidents among wine-tasting visitors, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal.

Metallic Epoxy flooring Lumiere by Duraamen Which Options Are Best for My Napa Winery Flooring | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Metallic Epoxy Flooring and Polished Concrete Floors Are Excellent Selections

For a more appealing floor in your showrooms and /or tasting rooms, you can’t go wrong with durable, flexible, chemical-resistant, and seamless metallic epoxy flooring. Available in a dazzling variety of colors, its metallic micro-particles suspended in translucent epoxy produce dynamic, mirror-like surfaces without having to shine them.

Another option is polished concrete floors using Param 5500 for your tasting or showrooms because it achieves a perfectly smooth, seamless polished look that’s cost-effective, very low maintenance, slip-resistant, and zero VOC.

Cost-Efficient, Long-Lasting Flooring

Düraamen Industrial and Polished Concrete Flooring Products are designed to provide labor savings and long-lasting flooring solutions.

Our newest store location in Hayward, California specifically serves the Bay Area and Napa County.

Talk to an expert today about your Nape Winery Flooring challenges and solutions. To receive customized assistance, please call us at (866) 835-6595 or eMail Us. Cheers!

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