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The Best Supermarket Flooring Options | Supermarket Floors | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Supermarket contracts can be something of a golden goose for flooring contractors. If your business has the manpower to take on the job, then laying down flooring for these expansive, multi-room premises can be highly lucrative. 

But supermarket flooring is more complex than other retail or commercial spaces. In addition to the retail area where customers pick out their groceries, you may need to take care of a separate bakery or deli area, a warehouse, walk-in freezers, offices, and restrooms. Ultimately, you could be responsible for installing several different styles of flooring throughout the building. 

This article looks at the best supermarket flooring options for these distinct areas, discussing key requirements and proven solutions. 

Supermarket Flooring Needs     

Supermarket flooring shares some requirements with other retail and commercial flooring, with a few extra needs of its own. 

Because of foot and cart traffic, supermarket flooring needs to be tough, durable, and slip resistant. Retail areas of the supermarket also need to look presentable—though aesthetic standards are lower than in places like clothing stores. Unlike other retail locations, the presence of food items in supermarkets makes hygiene a major concern, and flooring therefore needs to be cleanable and resistant to bacterial growth. 


One of the principal requirements of supermarket flooring is durability. In the customer-facing area, the floor is subject to heavy foot traffic and the passing of shopping carts and staff stock carts. Furthermore, there may be forklift traffic in storage areas, demanding exceptional strength. 

Supermarket flooring also needs to be tough enough to resist intensive cleaning, potentially with chemicals or heavy-duty equipment such as industrial floor scrubbers. 

Slip Resistance 

All retail spaces need slip-resistant flooring to prevent injury to staff and customers. Not only do supermarkets have a duty to care for staff and customers, but they also need to be wary of the threat of litigation from those who have accidents. 

Supermarkets must take this concern seriously due to the high likelihood of spillage compared to other retail environments. Broken bottles and jars can present a major slip hazard that is worsened by inappropriate flooring. 

Temperature Resistance 

Different areas of a supermarket may be subject to extreme temperature changes. For example, freezer storage areas must have flooring that will not crack in sub-zero temperatures, while areas with industrial-grade ovens such as bakeries must be resistant to the residual heat produced by such equipment. 


The front-of-house area of a supermarket may have certain design criteria specified by the business, as it must entice customers into the store. Chain and franchise stores may have an aesthetic determined by the central office such as a designated color scheme or mock tile effect, while some contracts may involve incorporating logos or branding into the flooring. 

Governmental Requirements  

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversee the standards of supermarkets and their construction. Unsurprisingly, its primary concern is hygiene and the safety of customers. In Chapter 6 of the FDA Food Code 2022, it is stipulated that food establishment flooring materials must be: 

(1) SMOOTH, durable, and EASILY CLEANABLE for areas where FOOD ESTABLISHMENT operations are conducted; 

(2) Closely woven and EASILY CLEANABLE carpet for carpeted areas; and 

(3) Nonabsorbent for areas subject to moisture such as FOOD preparation areas, walk-in refrigerators, WAREWASHING areas, toilet rooms, mobile FOOD ESTABLISHMENT SERVICING AREAS, and areas subject to flushing or spray cleaning methods. 

Cleanability is key here, as it allows the supermarket to maintain acceptable hygiene standards with minimal labor. Smooth, hard surfaces generally improve the degree of cleanability, whereas surfaces like tiles may present issues because dirt and debris can accumulate in the crevices, enabling bacterial growth. 

Best Supermarket Flooring Options for Every Space   

Most supermarkets require different flooring in different areas of the premises. Here we consider five spaces that may be specified in a contract.  

Retail Area  

The main area of the store where customers shop for products requires durable, slip-resistant, and easy-to-clean flooring. The flooring must be tough enough to withstand feet and carts and easy to keep clean. However, this area of the supermarket also has the strictest cosmetic requirements as it is used and seen by hundreds to thousands of customers per day. 

Our Products 

With durability and smoothness in mind, an ideal solution for retail area flooring is Duraamen’s Param 6000 polishable concrete system. Benefits include high compressive strength, moisture and stain resistance, and a range of acceptable dyes. 

Bakery & Deli  

Some areas of a supermarket may be used for fresh food preparation. This presents a slightly different set of requirements, with an even greater focus on preventing the spread of bacteria. In a bakery, there will also be high-temperature equipment, so the flooring must be capable of withstanding heat. 

Our Products 

The Duraamen Kraftig SL system, a self-leveling urethane modified concrete, can withstand high levels of moisture vapor transmission and offers superior antimicrobial performance. It also absorbs and dissipates heat, which means it won’t crack or deform under the heat of ovens and other equipment. 

Supermarket Freezers 

The freezer and refrigeration areas of a supermarket don’t get as much foot traffic as other areas, but the cold temperatures can put a lot of stress on certain types of flooring. Additionally, these areas typically contain products like raw meat, fish, and dairy, which makes hygiene a major consideration. 

Our Products 

When the project demands a smooth, cleanable, and temperature-resistant floor for a supermarket freezer area, Duraamen’s Macrylex SL self-leveling MMA flooring system provides an ideal solution, with short installation times and excellent bond strength over concrete. 

Warehouse and Supermarket Storage Rooms 

The storage or warehousing area of a supermarket (the back room) houses pallets of food that have been brought from the loading bay but are not yet ready to be placed on shelves in the retail area. Warehouse flooring needs to have slip resistance, scuff resistance, and enough strength to withstand forklift traffic. 

Our Products 

For maximum durability under the strain of pallets and machinery, a polished concrete flooring system such as Param 6000 is recommended, though MMA and urethane resin flooring may also be suitable. 

Supermarket Restroom Standards   

Staff or customer restrooms have their own flooring requirements. Hygiene is paramount, so the flooring must be smooth, seamless, and resistant to moisture and bacterial growth. Stronger chemical cleaning products are typically used in a restroom where there is no danger of contaminating food products, so the flooring must also be chemically resistant. 

Our Products 

A proven solution for restrooms in supermarkets is the Kwortz decorative quartz urethane flooring system. Resistant to bacteria and easy to maintain—even with harsh chemicals—Kwortz also has an attractive finish suitable for a customer-occupied area. 


Although supermarket contracts may seem complex due to the number of spaces and scope of different requirements, such projects are well worth taking on board if you have the capacity to install both concrete and resinous floors. 

Contact Duraamen to find the right products for your next job. 

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