Macrylex SL | Self-leveling Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Floor System

Macrylex MMA Flooring Cover Image Macrylex SL | Self leveling MMA Floor System by Duraamen | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Sacrifice Nothing. Speed & Durability are Built-in.

Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) resin flooring is the most resilient type of resinous flooring available. Our Macrylex Self-leveling MMA Systems provide years of floor protection and performance in extreme or torturous industrial conditions.


Engineered to Perform

  • Ultra-rapid cure with short recoat time (60 minutes)
  • UV-resistant, non-chalking
  • Excellent leveling and flow characteristics
  • Use in extreme temperatures, below freezing
  • Tremendous bond strength over concrete

Maintenance & Safety

  • Low maintenance
  • Available slip-resistant finishes (Quartz, Resin Chips)
  • Available bacterial-resistant finish
  • Available chemical-resistant finish
  • Safety colors available


  • VOC Compliant


Macrylex SL Floor System

Macrylex MMA Flooring Diagram

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For the Most Demanding Jobs

  • food processing areas
  • hospitals
  • restaurant kitchens
  • manufacturing facilities
  • laboratories and machine shops
  • chemical storage warehouses
  • animal research facilities
  • walk-in freezers/refrigerators
  • parking decks and parking lots
  • outdoor basketball courts and recreation areas
  • loading docks
  • numerous other applications

The Ultimate Flooring Solution

Macrylex Cures Fast and is thermal shock resistant. It may be installed at nearly any temperature and is ready for traffic in as little as 60 minutes after installation. This means less downtime for your business, saved time on new construction, and the ability to meet essential deadlines.

Optional chemical, slip, and bacterial-resistant additives dramatically expand Macrylex’s range of applications.

Maintenance and cleaning procedures for a new MMA floor are minimal. However, every business and industry has its own standards and hazards that may harm a floor. Duraamen will help you devise a floor care plan for your particular needs.