Quartz Flooring

Decorative Colored Quartz Flooring – Highly suitable Commercial & Industrial flooring. The examples show single broadcast as well as double broadcast quartz floors. The colored quartz can be broadcast or troweled with epoxy resin. The both methods result in seamless flooring systems. A cove base can also be installed with this type of flooring system.

Kwortz Decorative quartz flooring system was installed in Novel Industries Pharmaceutical plant located in Caldwell NJ Double broadcast Colored Quartz Flooring in Pharmaceutical | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Novel Industries

Decorative quartz flooring installed in a Pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Caldwell, New Jersey. Epoxy based double broadcast system was installed.

The decorative quartz flooring used in this commercial kitchen looks great from all sides Horseshoe Casino Cleveland OH | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Horseshoe Casino, Cleveland, OH

This Firehouse in Saybrook CT had Duraamens Kwortz flooring system installed The installation used a double broadcast of quartz granules Don Pinger of Custom Concrete Solutions recognizes the high quality and durability of Duraamen products which is why he chose Kwortz for the job Firehouse in Old Saybrook CT | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Firehouse in Old Saybrook, CT

Kwortz flooring by Duraamen is and ideal solution where moisture is an issue such as a public restroom Quartz Flooring in a Commercial Restroom | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Quartz Flooring in a Commercial Restroom

Because quartz flooring is beautiful, durable and low maintenance it is an ideal solution for Public restrooms. Here Duraamen’s Kwortz flooring system was install in this Costco retail public restroom.

Museum | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc