Dedee Shattuck Gallery

Metallic Epoxy Flooring installed over a moisture vapor barrier on a concrete slab on grade in a art gallery in Westport, MA. Dedee Shattuck’s appreciation of art and the environment called for an interior design, including the flooring, that integrated with the gallery’s exterior setting of meadows and forests.

The project started with a moisture vapor test that revealed there was a moisture vapor emission problem with the gallery’s substrate—the last thing you want in an art gallery. The problem was easily solved with the application of 

Duraamen’s MVT—a moisture vapor control system for new concrete.

Lumiere metallic epoxy flooring was a perfect fit for the high-end art gallery. The floor’s neutral color palette helps to showcase the artwork inside the gallery while complimenting the view outside. Simultaneously the deep mirror-like shine of the metallic epoxy provides the upscale feel of a premiere art gallery.