Polishing Self-leveling Concrete (Param 6000)

Using a polishable self-leveling concrete overlay is an excellent option for creating a high-shine polished concrete floor. They provide a smooth and durable surface, can repair damaged substrates and correct uneven floors. The flowable nature of these polymer-modified overlays are self-leveling which makes them a fast solution for leveling and repairing damaged concrete. Polishing self-leveling concrete overlays normally does not require the addition of another layer of product other than a protective top coat.

For many years self-leveling concrete overlays have served mainly utilitarian purposes such as leveling or fixing damaged concrete floors. Duraamen’s Param 6000 polishable self-leveling overlay can be used for decorative concrete flooring applications where clarity and a high-gloss finish are desirable. Param 6000 can be enhanced by integrally coloring, adding aggregate, or applying dyes and stains. Param can be saw-cut or left seamless.

Polishing Self-leveling Concrete Overlays

This how-to video series, hosted by Bob Harris of the Decorative Concrete Institute, walks you through the installation of a decorative polished concrete floor from start to finish.

Videos 1 and 2: While Priming and preparing the substrate, Bob demonstrates insider tricks for applying a 100% solids epoxy primer (Perdure E02), including mixing ratios, rolling it onto the substrate and broadcasting sand.

Video 3: Applying a polishable self-leveling concrete overlay product is shown. Bob demonstrates using a gauge rake, smoothing paddle or custom roller, to attain the smoothest and most level floor possible.

Videos 4 and 5: Grinding, honing and the addition of glass aggregate is demonstrated. Glass is one of many options of aggregate that can be used with a polishable overlay. Using a diamond grinding machine and various grit grinding pads, Bob stresses the importance of removing the “cream”, the top layer of the overlay, during the grinding process. Tips for checking your work to attain the smoothest surface possible are discussed.

Videos 6 and 7: The application of acetone dye, concrete densifier, and the final polishing are demonstrated. Bob details how to achieve the deepest clarity and highest shine during the polishing and sealing process.