How to Make Concrete Look Like Wood?

Yes! You can make concrete look like wood. There are a lot of reasons why you might want to do this. For one, you may have a floor you are not proud of but you can’t rip out. For instance, you might have asbestos vinyl tile that can’t be removed. In that case, see our article about how to encapsulate or cover vinyl tile with a concrete topping.

You may live in a place where your home might be prone to flooding. Concrete floors that look like wood have become very popular in the south, and particularly in Louisiana, where floods from heavy rains might destroy a wooden, carpet or tile floor but a concrete floor that looks like wood is impervious.

Many people simply like the look of wood but don’t want to have to stain, seal, and wax or polish a wood floor. If you drop something heavy on a wood floor it is likely to dent or scratch. And pet nails can leave scratches that can be difficult to polish out. With a concrete floor that looks like wood, none of these things is a concern!

Duraamen offers a product called Conwood, which looks like wood but is as durable as concrete. As a concrete topping, it is lightweight and easy to install. Once in place, Conwood is impervious to termites, rut, rot, fire and moisture. Conwood can be used inside or out.

As with other concrete microtoppings, preparing the surface the concrete topping is to be applied to is key. Duraamen’s products and processes use CP1000 to close the pores of the concrete, and Skraffino to level out the surface so that any imperfections that might be on the original floor are not transferred to the thin microtopping.

Once the Conwood is applied, different colors of the product can be mixed together and the wood look created by the tools you use to create the texture. The design can be taped off, for instance, if you want the look of wood planks. Using different tools, such as brushes, and even a piece of lathe, you can create by hand the look of wood in whatever form you like. Once the Conwood dries, you have a floor that looks like wood but is even better.

Unless you have experience preparing a flooring surface for a concrete microtopping, get some advice from an expert first. The experts at Duraamen can evaluate the floor that you would like to make look like wood, and make the recommendations for what product and approach would be best in your particular project.