Installing Polished Concrete over Radiant Heating

Concrete floors are known to be “cold.” Concrete floors installed over a radiant heat system are anything but—in fact, they’re cozy.

Radiant heat is an efficient way to provide warmth and there are two popular systems: Electric radiant heated floors and hydronic liquid systems. Electric systems use electric cables embedded in the floor, while hydronic systems pump heated fluid via tubing under the floor.

Whiles these videos show the installation of concrete flooring over a hydronic system, this method can be adapted for use with electric radiant heat systems as well.

Video 1
This first video starts with the first application of a primer and the radiant heat tubing. By the end of the first video, you will see Bob Harris actually applying the Paramol over the tubes which he has placed followed by the fiber mat.

Video 2
Bob walks you through the installation of Param 4500 cement-based overlay over the fiber mat followed by the application of the finer grade Param 5500. Bob levels the overlay with a preset gauge rake.

Video 3
Using a 100-grit sanding screen on the surface Bob removes any residual powder and slightly profiles the surface. Avoid water at this point.

Also shown is the creative application of a concrete dye over the nearly finished surface. Diluting black concrete dye (Deso dyes) and applying it over the rosy-brown finish brings out muted colors and highlights for a beautiful floor finish.

Lastly, the floor is protected with Duraamen’s U46 gloss polyurethane which strengthens the color variations even more.