Installing Urethane Slurry Mortar System

About Urethane Floor Coatings

Self-leveling Urethane Cement Kraftig SL flooring is an excellent choice for commercial kitchens, food preparation facilities and manufacturing areas. UMC floor coatings, are specifically engineered to withstand thermal shock, abrasions impacts and moisture. They are some of the toughest industrial floor coatings available.

In food preparation areas and facilities the floors, walls and equipment are cleaned by blasting them with hot water or steam and chemical cleansers. They’re rinsed with cold water. This rapid change in temperature has proved to be too much for unprotected concrete and other types of flooring.


In this video Bob Harris demonstrates the installation of an self-leveling urethane cement system—Kraftig S along with decorative quartz broadcast. Duraamen’s Kraftig SL is a self-leveling, urethane modified cement floor coating.

Kraftig SL is a 4-part resin that includes a hardener, aggregate, cement blend, and pigment packs. The pigment packs are available in several colors and are optional.

To prepare the concrete surface grind it with a 30-grit diamond pad or shot blast it to achieve a concrete surface profile (CSP) of 4 to 5.

After mixing the urethane mortar slurry, apply it and use a gauge rake to distribute it evenly across the surface at 1/8-inch thick. Then use a smoothing paddle to finish it.

In this video Bob Harris demonstrates color options. He broadcasts a colored quart aggregate. The slurry uses Duraamen’s “Oceana” colored pigment. Spread this out on the surface until all parts of the surface are covered, but there are no clumps. Once the coating sets Bob vacuums the surface.

The floor is completed with the installation of a top coat—Duraamen’s Perdure P72 polyaspartic sealer. The P72 is scratch-resistant and UV-stable. It is distributed across the surface, then back rolled with a squeegee.