How to Install Microcement Over Tiles | Step-by-Step with Bob Harris

Transform your tiled surfaces with a sleek, modern finish using microcement! Join Bob Harris from the Decorative Concrete Institute for this detailed tutorial on installing microcement over tiles. This comprehensive guide covers every step of the process to ensure a professional result.

Video Breakdown:

  1. Preparing the Tiles:
    • Properly clean and prepare the tile surface to ensure good adhesion.
    • Tools and techniques for optimal surface preparation.
  2. Priming with CP1000:
    • Application process for CP1000 primer, a premium acrylic copolymer primer designed to enhance adhesion and provide a solid foundation for microcement and other cementitious coatings like Skraffino and Uberdek (
  3. Application of Param FP:
    • How to apply Param FP, a fiber-reinforced, fast-setting concrete overlay. This provides a smooth base layer necessary for microcement application
  4. Applying Uberdek:
    • Step-by-step guide to mixing and applying Uberdek, a versatile overlay ideal for resurfacing concrete surfaces. Tips for achieving consistency and avoiding common mistakes.
  5. Microcement with Skraffino Superfine:
    • Detailed instructions on applying Skraffino Superfine microcement. Skraffino is formulated from superior-quality Portland cement, specialty polymers, and finely graded aggregates, creating a thin yet robust concrete surface suitable for horizontal and vertical applications.
  6. Using Aquacolor:
    • Incorporating Aquacolor as an integral color and stain. Techniques for consistent coloring and staining to achieve a unique and decorative finish.
  7. Sealing the Surface:
    • Application of water-based acrylic sealer for initial protection.
    • Followed by water-based polyurethane for a durable, long-lasting finish.

About the Products:

  • CP1000 Primer: An acrylic copolymer primer that enhances adhesion, increases tensile and compressive strength, and provides excellent durability and water resistance.
  • Param FP: A fiber-reinforced, fast-setting overlay providing a smooth and durable base
  • Uberdek: A versatile concrete overlay for resurfacing, ensuring a strong and even base for microcement.
  • Skraffino Superfine: A premium microcement providing a polished concrete look. It can be integrally colored, stained, or dyed for various decorative effects.
  • Aquacolor: A water-based colorant used for integral coloring and staining, allowing for endless color options and unique appearances.
  • Water-Based Acrylic Sealer & Polyurethane: Provides protection and durability, enhancing the longevity of the microcement finish

Watch Bob Harris Guide You Through:

  • How to transform your space with microcement.
  • Professional tips and techniques for a flawless finish.
  • Detailed demonstrations and clear instructions.