How to Install Terrazzi Sprayable Microcement Flooring?

Terrazzi Sprayable Polished Concrete Floor SystemBob Harris returns to instruct the “Duraamen How-to Video Series” with Duraamen’s new Terrazzi Sprayable Microcement System. This video series demonstrates how easy and cost-effective it is to install a polished concrete floor using our patented Terrazzi Microcement Sprayer.

Spraying microcements using the Terrazzi Sprayable Microcement System has several advantages compared to applying a microcement with traditional means. You can cover much larger areas in a shorter time. When using a hand towel, magic trowel, or large squeegee, it takes much longer to spread out the material. Moreover, even experienced artisans sometimes leave trowel marks on the finished surface using these methods. Duraamen’s Sprayable Microcement System eliminates trowel marks and smoothing lines, resulting in a flawless surface.

On areas as large as 20,000 sq ft, contractors will benefit from a reduction in labor costs when using sprayable microcements. It’s possible to install a large polished concrete floor with only two installers. One craftsman would be spraying while the second broadcast the aggregate.

Another excellent feature of this system is that the finished floor has the look of traditional polished concrete—a subtle salt and pepper-colored appearance that appears very natural.

This system is also useful for hiding imperfections on newly applied self-leveling concrete. Old and worn concrete may have cracks, spawls, or divets, and need a thicker self-leveling cement product installed first. The issue with a thick self-leveling cement is that the finished surface may contain traces of roller spike marks or smoothing lines. Eliminating these imperfections is simply a matter of recoating the surface with Arapido, our sprayable microcement.

Gypsum is not a problem for the Terrazzi Sprayable Microcement System. When installing over gypsum, make sure you test the gypsum’s strength. It should be a minimum of 3500 psi. You may be able to tell by hitting the surface with a hammer. If the gypsum doesn’t mark with a hammer blow, you can most likely apply polished concrete directly over it.

After you’ve sprayed the microcement, and the material has fully cured (typically 24-hours), you may choose to use a swing buffer with a 100 grit honeycomb diamond pad to polish the surface. After polishing, vacuum, and mop the surface.

Lastly, apply your choice of topcoat or concrete floor sealer. The video shows Bob using our Perdure U90 topcoat/sealer. Perdure U90 is a high solid, polyurethane coating. For a more economical or odor-free topcoat solution, we suggest using our excellent Perdure A03 acrylic concrete floor sealer.

The Terrazzi Polished Concrete System consists of the following items:

  • Terrazzi Sprayerour electric-powered microcement sprayer.
  • CP1000used as a substrate primer, and as an activator for Arapido. Roll it on the substrate and mix it with the dry Arapido microcement to a sprayable consistency.
  • Arapidosprayable polished concrete microcement.
  • Aquacolor (Optional)–water-based stain used to tint Arapido for desired color effects.
  • Strainer for 5 Gallon Pail–necessary to screen material when filling the Terrazzi Sprayer’s hopper.
  • Cast-on–aggregate specifically designed for polished concrete floors.
  • Colorfast(optional)–this integral coloring powder may be mixed with cast-on to achieve color variations in the aggregate. Realize creative and unique floors by varying the tint of the Arapido microcement and Cast-on aggregate.

This sprayable microcement technology will make a tremendous impact on the polished concrete industry. To learn more about this efficient, high-performance floor system, give us a call at 866-835-6595, or shop now.