Installing Concrete Overlays, Micro toppings, Skim coats

Concrete micro toppings (also know as concrete skim coats or overlays) can be used indoors and out. They are a popular choice to use as a decorative canvas for dyes, stains and stenciling. Micro toppings can be applied extremely thin, as little as 20mils, or several layers can be built up and textured with a broom or trowel. Popular uses for micro toppings/skim coats include pool decks, patios, driveways and decorative interior applications.

For ultimate versatility, Duraamen’s Skraffino micro topping/skim coat is available in 3 grades: regular, fine and superfine. Each grade can be obtained in either white or gray. Skraffino can be integrally colored with colorfast dyes, and used as a canvas for dyes or stains. It may be used over interior and exterior surfaces, as well as vertically for textured walls and stairs. In addition to its versatility, Skraffino is one of the most cost-effect and easiest to use concrete resurfacing solutions on the market.

Installing Concrete Overlays, Micro toppings, Skim coats

This instructional how-to video series, hosted by Bob Harris of the Decorative Concrete Institute, explains the application of concrete micro toppings and what is creatively possible with their use. Several decorative flooring techniques are explored in this series.

Video 1: Bob demonstrates the application of primer (CP 1000) and the importance of double priming the concrete substrate. This video also shows mixing and applying a concrete micro topping (Skraffino).

Video 2: Tinting concrete micro toppings and trowelling a second coat for added texture.

Video 3: Acid staining (Patinaetch) is shown and explained.

Video 4: Use a stencil to apply an intricate and stunning graphic to a concrete flooring project.

Video 5: Continue the application of a custom graphic as Bob demonstrates the use of gelled acid.

Video 6: The application of an epoxy sealer (Perdure E32), and a final coat of very durable urethane sealer (Perdure U46) are demonstrated.

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