Upgrade Your Restaurant’s Kitchen with Urethane Concrete

Upgrade Your Restaurants Kitchen with Urethane Concrete | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

After having a successful year in your restaurant business, it’s time to think about how you can take things to the next level. Many chefs find that upgrading their work space is a great way to meet the demands of an increasing number of customers. A new kitchen is also a great way to boost morale and get employees excited about preparing food in the brand new space.

Below are some things to consider when upgrading your restaurant:
  • Commercial Kitchen Flooring – The base of the kitchen, the floor, is one of the most important aspects of the room. Don’t think you can get away with having just any floor for your kitchen. Go with a product like Blendex, which is manufactured specifically for commercial kitchens. These types of floors are made of urethane, which is seamless and easy to clean (essential for any restaurant, where spills will happen often). The material will also hold up well to the heavy traffic in your kitchen space.
  • Commercial Appliances – If you’re redoing your business’s kitchen space, you ought to consider upgrading your appliances. Some restaurant owners tend to buy used to save money, but they often spend more in the long run for repairs. If you are looking to save money, don’t overlook purchasing scratch-and-dent items. These are new appliances that are offered at discount prices because they have minor imperfections in their appearance that don’t affect the function. Going this route is a great way to get new appliances at a discount.
  • Dishes and Flatware – When doing a major kitchen remodel, you should also consider upgrading your dishes and flatware. The food that is cooked in the new kitchen will look better on fresh new dishes and customers will appreciate how flawless and unscratched your new plates look. Though this step may seem unnecessary, you’ll see some return on the investment when you start getting more customers.


Uniforms – Don’t overlook the importance of clean uniforms for kitchen staff and servers. Nothing looks better than a crisp, clean uniform and your staff will appreciate the new duds.

Although a renovation costs big bucks, you, your staff, and the customers deserve it after a successful year. Remember to replace your current floor with commercial kitchen flooring and buy new whenever you can.


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