The Advantages of Concrete Micro-Topping

The Advantages of Concrete Micro Topping | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Concrete Micro-topping is a polymer modified cement-based floor coating used in residential and commercial space. It can be integrally colored with Colorfast colors or used as a decorative concrete canvas for dyes, stains and stenciling. 

So, how does micro-topping compare to other options such as resinous flooring systems like epoxy or polyurethane? Let’s take a look at the advantages below. 


It’s a common misconception that micro-topping is only used to liven up old, worn and cracked concrete. This isn’t entirely true—while micro-topping is frequently used to spruce up weathered, worn and split concrete, it is also an extremely versatile substance with an overwhelming number of potential uses. These uses include adding a durable, concrete-like finish to other substrates like ceramic and porcelain tiles, VCT, gypsum and even plywood. It can even be tinted to add color!

Micro-topping can be applied to virtually any jointless surface, both horizontal and vertical (even household objects if you really want). It can be applied as thin as a sheet of paper if necessary. And while it works best inside, micro-topping can be used outside as well and is commonly applied to pool decks, patios and driveways.

The process of micro-topping best serves concrete floors and walls inside or out as it works remarkably well on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Micro-topping is also excellent at absorbing sound and is often used in soundproofing.

Design Variety 

There are infinite possible aesthetic combinations with micro-topping thanks to the endless array of colors and surface textures available. 

Acrylic polymer is mixed with concrete micro-topping on the site before applying it on the substrate. It can be integrally colored with Colorfast or colored using a dye or stain after it has hardened. It is easy to install and depending on how it is colored and applied, micro-topping can give a broomed, trowelled or very smooth surface.

Need a smooth, slick surface? Micro-topping can do it. Looking for something with a little more grit to combat friction? Use a trowel or a sponge during application, and micro-topping can do that too. 

It should be noted that if you’re not looking for a colorful option, Skraffino micro-topping comes in white, light gray and dark gray.  

Whatever your need, micro-topping can help you add not only strength and durability to your flooring but also a new, appealing aesthetic design. 


A common question asked is how durable concrete micro-topping is since it’s such a thin layer. While you can use micro-topping to add design appeal to a highly durable flooring system, keep in mind that the micro-topping is only a canvas for decorative concrete colors and designs. 

The real performance of your floor actually comes from the sealer, also known as clear protective coating, which is applied on top of the concrete designs in layers. Of these layers, it is the sealer that provides the durability, abrasion resistance, and stain resistance for your floor. 

Understanding the application process will shed light on performance. 


Concrete microtopping can be applied with Magic Trowel or regular concrete finishing trowel. It can be also applied using a hopper gun attached to a compressor. Each method of application gives a unique appearance. 

A primer goes first, then two to three layers of micro-topping, then another two or three layers of clear protective coating is applied. The thickness of two layers varies between 1/16″ to 1/8″. 

How To Choose a Concrete Sealer

Because the performance of your floor depends on this clear protective coating, it’s important to choose the correct sealer for the job. Doing so will protect your concrete from scratches, dents, chemicals, and other abrasions. The type of sealer you should go with depends on the types of protection needed for the floor and the desired finish, as well as other considerations such as whether you’ll be using it commercially, or for residential purposes.

For low traffic areas, an excellent choice is an acrylic sealer, like Perdure A03

UV protective clear acrylic sealer. It’s easy to apply, inexpensive, and can be used for both interior and exterior floors. 

For high traffic areas, such as a commercial coffee shop, for example, you need a high build clear coat to be applied. A good way to achieve this is by applying three layers, starting with Perdure E32, then following with Perdure E10, and finishing with a layer of Perdure U45 on top. 

For exterior applications, you’ll want to look into sealers like Perdure AU52 acrylic modified polyurethane concrete coating, Dekguard siloxane modified MMA sealer, Perdure P72

polyaspartic polyurea topcoat, and Perdure P90 high solids polyaspartic polyurea coating. 

Easy Upkeep

Care for your existing micro-topping surface is similar to care for a wood floor—you can do most of it with a mop, water and a pH-neutral cleaner. As with most flooring, regular and routine cleaning is recommended (just as often as you would vacuum a carpet or mop a tile floor). In extreme cases of longtime wear and tear, a new finishing coat can be applied to give the surface a like-new appearance. 

Learn all the details on maintaining your micro-topped floor here. 

Easy Aesthetic Changes 

Anyone with a creative eye has second-guessed a color or design decision after completion—it’s just part of the creative condition. Fortunately, with micro-topping, switching color or aesthetic texture is extremely easy. If you decide you want a different color, just sand the surface and apply a new layer, simple as that. 


The No. 1 Choice in Professional and DIY Flooring 

Duraamen provides the highest-performance flooring products for contractors, property managers and DIY home remodelers. Professional clients love our quick transactions and professional service, and DIY remodelers choose us for our informed staff. 

Check out our Skraffino micro-topping kit as well as our concrete resurfacing packages. 

You can also visit us on the web today to learn more about other flooring options. There you’ll find DIY installation kits, and we have a number of helpful instructional videos on our YouTube channel.

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