Stamped Concrete vs Pavers: Which is Better for Your Driveway?

Stamped Concrete vs Pavers Which is Better for Your Driveway | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Years ago there were only a couple of choices for driveways – asphalt or concrete. With the advent of stamped concrete, the latter is quickly becoming the preferred choice for homeowners. It is the classic surface for your driveway – highly decorative, functional and adding value while lasting a lifetime. With proper care, these driveways last upwards of 20 years.

Stamped concrete is achieved by using slab concrete and then impressing textures or a variety of patterns during the drying process. You can achieve surfaces as diverse as pavers, natural slate, wood, seashells and cobblestones. Color is added by way of a Color Hardener on the surface, or in the mix process with Integral Color. The curing process is only three days.

Let’s examine the comparative factors of pavers versus stamped concrete. Pavers, also known as brick pavers, have the benefits of natural appeal, low maintenance and cost savings. The problems with asphalt and concrete are that, though they have a low cost of installation, they will crack over time due to environmental and load factors, and thus the cost of ownership can be very high. Ten dollars per square foot to replace cracked concrete is not uncommon. Pavers do not crack and retain their luster and beauty over time.

If you have a stamped concrete driveway and the project was completed using Integral Color, or color mixed within the truck, then you’ll have problems correcting the cracks – it may be hard to custom mix the original color again. The repairs may be noticeable afterwards – the pattern may not be replicable.

But if you have pavers on your deck, driveway or patio – keep in mind these are individual sets of bricks that retain structural integrity. In fact they have a rating of 8000 psi ((3-4 times stronger than concrete or asphalt). That’s why you’ll often find them guaranteed for life – over 30 years. The joints between the pavers expand and contract – allowing this movement prevents them from cracking.

Additional advantages of pavers include the fact that color in paving stones does not fade. If by chance a paver is damaged, it can simply be individually replaced. Skid and slip resistance is achieved with the use of pavers. The moisture is absorbed by the sand in the joints, preventing a slippery surface. Finally, you don’t have the 3-5 day curing period of concrete. You can drive on them, or walk over them as soon as they are installed.

In summary, pavers have primary advantages over stamped concrete. The styles and shapes, as well as available colors, can meet the most discerning requirements. You landscape is aesthetically enhanced and your property value increases. The dense concrete which pavers are comprised of gives you a load bearing resistance which is unequalled. Since pavers are interlocking they allow for movement, preventing cracks from appearing. As opposed to poured concrete you have no curing time and if there is any isolated damage it can be repaired easily. The color in pavers never fades. You can rejuvenate your driveway or deck with design and color to make a striking statement.

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