Self Leveling Epoxy Flooring Gives Your Space a Facelift

Self Leveling Epoxy Flooring Gives Your Space a Facelift | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Self leveling epoxy is a resinous flooring material that’s applied over your existing concrete floor to create a surface that is durable, attractive, and requires very little maintenance. It’s ideal for damaged or cracked concrete, because when it’s applied, the epoxy actually levels itself, spreading out to fill any minor chips or cracks in the floor and creates a seamless surface. That’s why it’s called self leveling.

Virtually Limitless Applications

Self leveling epoxy can be used on practically any type of concrete floor, in practically any type of building. It’s ideal for showrooms, athletic surfaces, warehouses, hospitals, commercial kitchens, garages, retail outlets and aircraft hangars. It can also be used to give a fresh new look and enhanced durability to residential kitchens, bathrooms, family rooms and garages. Simply stated, anywhere that there’s concrete flooring, in almost any condition, self leveling epoxy can be used.

The Benefits

When flooring has to have visual appeal along with durability and resistance to scuffing, dents and stains, self leveling epoxy flooring delivers. There’s no downside to this type of flooring, and the benefits speak for themselves. Self leveling epoxy flooring is:

  • Resistant to slipping, even when it’s wet
  • Resistant to impact, scratching and scuffing
  • A high gloss coating with a finish that is very aesthetically pleasing
  • Resistant to damage from heat and chemicals
  • Available in a wide range of colors and effects
  • Installable in varying thicknesses, so it’s suitable for even significantly damaged concrete
  • Seamless
  • Stain resistant and easy to clean
  • Odorless when dry – no nasty “garage smell”!

You can apply self leveling epoxy flooring over old, damaged concrete floors, or use it as a way of giving a new concrete floor a finish that looks great and offers a high level of protection.


How It’s Done

When installing a self leveling epoxy floor specialized rollers are used and are designed to apply the product evenly. Once it’s applied, the floor is left to cure so that it becomes a durable, smooth service. Depending on weather and temperature conditions, you can usually expect to be able to use your new floor the day after install. And depending on your aesthetic preferences, you can choose from any number of different colors and effects. Aggregates can be added to the compound to allow for even greater slip resistance, or to give a bit of sparkle to your floor. You can even use different colors to designate different work areas – the choices are practically limitless!

If you’d like to learn more about self-leveling epoxy flooring, get in touch with Duraamen. The expert staff will be pleased to meet with you and discuss your requirements. Keep in mind that the first thing people are going to notice when they come into your place of business is your floor, so if you want to make a really good impression, self leveling epoxy is one of the most attractive, durable treatments available.

Duraamen industrial and polished concrete flooring products are designed to provide labor saving, longer lasting flooring solutions.  Talk to the expert about your flooring challenges. Please CALL (973) 230 1301.

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