Benefits of Seamless Flooring Systems

Benefits of Seamless Flooring Systems | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Seamless flooring systems are highly durable and aesthetically pleasing. These flooring systems are used in diverse range of industries including retail outlets, commercial offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, gyms, hospitals, laboratories and high end residential spaces. While Seamless flooring systems are extremely durable and chemical resistant in a industrial setting they are also extremely warm, easy to maintain and warm in a residential setting.

Seamless flooring systems are monolithic, manufactured in place, often incorporate an integral cove base, which eliminates the seam where the wall meets the floor. A seamless resin floor with a cove base is the most sanitary, easy to maintain floor available which is why this system is mandated by environmental health codes around the world. Some of these floors are designed to withstand repeated wash downs.

Seamless flooring systems offer a beautiful contemporary interior solution for those that demand exacting requirements, color intensity, even coverage, smoothness of finish, durability, precision measurements and beautiful detailing. But probably most of all its ‘the perfectly flat look’ that a poured resinous flooring.

In residential settings, seamless flooring in the kitchen, seamless flooring in the living room and even in the bedroom makes your home truly magical. No joins, no edges just beautiful seamless floors throughout your home. Seamless floors can be selected from a variety of fantastic colors with each seamless floor color suiting a different mood. In restaurants, clubs and bars, seamless floors are extremely resilient flooring with high abrasion and tear resistance.



  1. Seamless – No joints – Regardless of the size of the floor
  2. Durable – Very strong than the natural concrete surface
  3. Chemical & Acid Resistance – Excellent resistance to most acids and chemicals
  4. Various textures – The finish can be installed with any texture you desire, from very smooth to textured for non-skid surface
  5. Sanitary – Seamless and non-porous. There is no place for dirt or bacteria to accumulate and grow
  6. Easy to maintain – Seamless and non-porous, dirt remains on the surface can can be easily cleared away
  7. Decorative – Solid colors or thousands of color combinations
  8. Repairable – Damaged or worn areas can be repaired while still maintaining seamless integrity.

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