Seamless Flooring Options for Wineries

Seamless Flooring Options for Wineries | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Winery owners who have thought things through know what the best flooring for a winery is. Between crushing acidic grapes by the ton and heat sterilization, to the retail/tasting areas that must be visually appealing, flooring for a winery must meet many specific needs.

“Crush” happens after the grapes are harvested. The crop is moved in to the crush room using forklifts and heavy machinery. Mechanical presses crush the grapes to remove the juices. After crushing, the juice moves to the fermentation room. Absolute sterilization in the fermentation rooms is essential to maintaining the integrity of the juice. The wine is aged in barrels, then bottled.

Flooring for bottling areas of a winery may take the most abuse. Glass bottles are filled on the bottling line, where the wine is drawn from huge holding tanks, then capped, labeled and packed into cases or cartons, which are then moved out into dry storage or the retail and tasting room using more forklift traffic.

Overflow is bound to happen. In this case, you’ll be cleaning up acidic wine from your floor, trying to get every drop of it before it sinks into your floor and stains. Spills can contaminate production areas if every drop is not cleaned up. Even a little spilled product can lead to bacteria.

Flooring for a winery must be highly resistant to acids. Regulations require a strict cleaning regimen which includes sanitation and disinfecting. A coating over a concrete floor can withstand the radical temperature changes during sterilization, sanitation and cleaning. Equipment and floors might be power blasted temperatures of 140 degree F on a daily basis.

Metallic epoxy coatings, Polyurethane screeds or floors based on MMA Resins on concrete in your winery can be seamless, which lessens ongoing maintenance. With any sort of grout, as you would have between ties, bacteria can get in when there is the inevitable spill. A urethane or epoxy coating has no grout lines and is poured in one solid piece with no breaks. Your public area can also have a seamless floor that is colored with integral color or a variety of aggregate. Your retail or tasting room floor can be as visually appealing as your wine is tasty, with a seamless, hygienic floor.


Additives can be added to the flooring for a winery to make it slip-resistant. The coatings are highly chemical-resistant and highly resistant to stains and acid. These coatings are USDA-compliant and meet the food safety requirements of a beverage facility. Duraamen’s products are low to zero VOC and low odor. When you add in being low-maintenance, there’s no question about what the best flooring for a winery is.

While you can choose Lumiere designer epoxy coatings in your showrooms, you can select wither Polyurethane Screeds to MMA Resin based systems in the products areas. Polyurethane screeds offer thermal shock resistance whereas MMA Resins offer very low downtime if your plant is running.

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