Requirements For a High Performance Epoxy Coating Specifcation

Requirements For a High Performance Epoxy Coating Specifcation | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

A successful epoxy floor coating project depends in large part upon a well-written specification. By including each of these elements in the specification, spec writers can help ensure a quality coatings project, before the job even begins.

1. The knowledge of the environment to which the floor coating be exposed must be understood. The appropriate coating system must be determined before the specification is written. The coating should be selected based on its exposure to high humidity, high temperature, corrosive chemicals/environment and UV light.

2. For existing coated surfaces, the following data should be recorded during an inspection –

  • service environment in area, (i.e., volume and type of traffic, chemical and UV exposure)
  • Existing coating identification and its existing condition
  • Practical restrictions (i.e., shutdowns, confined space)
  • Physical test results on existing coatings

Once the data is collected and analyzed, it can be used to determine the facilities’ coating needs and create specifications for flooring coating.

3. For new designs, the service environment still has to be considered. The practical restrictions for the coating application will have to be considered also.

4. A thorough spec will define any and all warranty requirements for the project, including warranting the quality of the product supplied by manufacturer and the quality of workmanship provided by the contractor. The coating specification must outline the defects to be warranted and must distinguish between coating manufacturer defects (such as improper formulation, color, etc.) and coating application defects (such as blisters, peeling, air bubbles, etc.).

A detailed discussion on guide to specifications for seamless epoxy floors is available at

Please Contact Us to discuss specifications for your specific high performance flooring project.

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