How to maintain Polished Concrete Floors?

How to maintain Polished Concrete Floors | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

There are numerous concrete floor finishing products on the market, and most people who use these will do so for one of two reasons. They will do so to improve the durability and resistance of the surface or to add color or other aesthetic details to it. In addition to these great benefits, adding a concrete floor finish can also dramatically reduce the amount of maintenance needed to keep a surface looking fresh and new.

Smartgard Floor Finish by Duraamen

Adds Protective Layer

Polished Concrete Floors need to be maintained regularly so that they look pristine. Duraamen concrete floor finishing products, like Smartgard, work to reduce maintenance needs by adding a protective layer. Smartgard resists dirt and stains, so the underlying concrete is not affected by these issues, requiring much time and effort to remove. Instead of having to spend time scrubbing concrete, a floor coated with this particular finish just needs to be dust-mopped and wet-mopped to keep it in great shape. If you use a maintenance-reducing finish in your business or commercial setting, you will notice time and money savings, helping your bottom line. For homeowners, Smartgard will allow you to focus your time and energy on more important things.

Other Benefits

In addition to adding a protective layer that reduces maintenance, concrete floor finish products from Duraamen is incredibly versatile. They can be applied to many surfaces, including polished concrete, quarry tile, ceramic, VCT, sheet vinyl, terrazzo, granite, and marble. This versatility means that no matter the type of surface you have, these products will be able to help you reduce the necessary maintenance.

To make products like Smartgard even more appealing, they are easily applied and have a very low odor during the application process and the cure time. They are also zero VOC, meaning they aren’t corrosive, combustible, or flammable, greatly reducing safety risks.

Please Click Here to access Maintenance Guidelines for your Polished Concrete Floors. Please Contact US for further details.

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