Are Polished Concrete Floors suitable in Chicago, IL?

Are Polished Concrete Floors suitable in Chicago IL | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Cities all over the country, and indeed the world, are putting a premium on sustainability. Materials for use in new construction and in home remodels in Chicago are being examined more closely by both the builder and the homeowner. The triple line balance of cost versus performance versus environmental friendliness is one that is sought after by both commercial developers and home owners/home builders seeking to recreate their home environment.

There are numerous products now for green living from ceiling to floor in a new home or office building. But when you get to the floor, only one product truly meets the sustainability, price and performance challenge for your Chicago building: polished concrete.

Polished concrete in Chicago makes sense. Concrete is easily accessible when you are in a large city. Concrete is an important element in green building, Buildings are the number one source of greenhouse emissions in Chicago. The city of Chicago supports the use of concrete as a sustainable building material. According to the US Green Building Council, the use of polished concrete in Chicago helps with LEED certification because finishing concrete flooring with a polish reduces the use of other materials on the floor.

Polished concrete in Chicago is also one of the easiest to maintain. In a city where the wind and rain is legendary, day-to-day maintenance of polished concrete requires nothing more than a sweep and mop. The concrete slab can be restored to its original shine if it fades over time with a minimum of effort and materials. As long as basic maintenance of the polished concrete floor is done, the floor will look as good as the day it was poured for years to come.


Consider polished concrete in your Chicago building because many commercial structures have a concrete subfloor that can be likely be restored and polished without having to tear out and dispose of the material and then replace it. Even if the concrete floor is not in polishable shape, a concrete topping can be added to the top of it, which covers up cracks and flaws and can be polished.

Many modern homes in larger cities such as Chicago are choosing polished concrete because it is environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, it can withstand the traffic of modern life, and it looks amazing. In your home in Chicago, polished concrete will likely cost you less than other high-end floor covering options such as ceramic tile, slate or marble. You may find a great deal on tile, but the installation will make it an expensive option. Those other flooring options, even though they may look nice, require more maintenance and care.

Give polished concrete a try in your Chicago home or building. You may just end up “floored” over how good it looks and what a great deal it is! Please visit our Photo Gallery to see the possibilities.

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