Flooring for Mechanical Equipment Rooms

Flooring for Mechanical Equipment Rooms | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Equipping Your Mechanical Equipment Room with the Right Flooring Solution

You may be asking yourself, ‘Do I really need a specialized floor in the basement of my building?’ If that’s where your mechanical equipment room is, then the answer is yes.

Home to equipment like water heaters, water pumps, back up generators, and your HVAC, it’s imperative to have a flooring solution that’s waterproof from wall to floor, able to protect your concrete, and capable of withstanding abrasion, chemicals and the weight and impact of so much equipment.

What can happen without a proper mechanical room flooring solution?
Small leaks and plumbing issues can enable water to find its way underneath your floor. Over time, that water can weaken and ultimately cause cracks in your concrete. Given how much weight your floor has to support, it has to remain strong.

Mechanical equipment room flooring must also be:

• Able to reduce noise from mechanical vibration
• Shock absorbent
• Chemical, bacteria and fungus resistant
• Non-slip for employee and worker safety


A good flooring solution is like good insurance.

All that heavy equipment makes floor repairs challenging and costly, which is why many people think of a properly protected mechanical equipment room floor as a mini form of insurance for the health of your property.

What does a proper mechanical equipment room flooring solution entail?

Typically a combination of urethane elastomer combined with a flexible epoxy coating with a topcoat of polyaspartic polyurea topcoat is a good solution, The total thickness of this system is between 40-50 mil. Facility managers under budgetary and time constraints can choose just a 90% solids polyaspartic polyurea coating. It sets faster and releases no odor. Therefore, it can be installed in occupied buildings.

What other qualities are required for a mechanical equipment room floor?
Because of all of the equipment in your equipment room, you need a floor that can take the punishment. We’ll make sure your flooring system is impact and abrasion resistant — even able to withstand a fork lift. The thicker the epoxy, the greater the protection. We can increase the thickness to meet your needs.

Non-slip for worker safety.
In any environment where a wet floor is a possibility and workers may be constantly in and out, safety is a priority. We can give your floor non-slip qualities to keep your employees safe and reduce your liability.

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