How to install epoxy coating over plywood substrate?

How to install epoxy coating over plywood substrate | Duraamen Engineered Products Inc

Quiet often we are asked can epoxy coatings be applied over plywood substrates? Certainly! There are two approaches to this process. One process is to install a self-leveling concrete over plywood followed by an epoxy system. The second approach is to install a flexible epoxy coating over plywood followed by a typical self-leveling epoxy mortar.

What materials and tools are needed for preparing and applying epoxy to hardwood floors?

To prepare and apply epoxy to hardwood floors, you will need the following materials and tools:

1. Bleach: Used to clean the floor’s surface before applying epoxy, eliminating dirt, mold, and mildew.

2. Power Sander: Necessary for sanding the floor to level the surface and remove any previous sealant.

3. Wood Patching Compound: Used to fill in large cracks or splits in the wood, which should be sanded down after drying.

4. Vacuum Cleaner: Essential for cleaning up dirt and dust from sanding the floor.

5. Wood Sealant: Applied to the clean floor to address moisture issues and enhance the adhesion of the epoxy.

6. Paintbrush: Required for applying the wood sealant to the floor edges before using a roller for the rest of the surface.

7. Roller: Used to evenly apply the wood sealant and wood primer on the entire floor surface.

8. Wood Primer: Applied after the wood sealant to prepare the surface for the epoxy application.

9. Three-Inch Brush: Used for applying the wood primer to the edges of the floor before using a roller for the rest of the surface.

10. Epoxy Floor Coating: The main material for finishing the hardwood floors, available in clear and various color finishes such as metallic, glitter, and solid colors.

11. Manufacturer’s Instructions: Essential for properly mixing and applying the epoxy according to the specific product guidelines.

Other Surface Types Suitable for Epoxy Coating

A variety of surface types besides plywood are suitable for epoxy coating applications. They are as follows:

  • Concrete surfaces, such as bare concrete, previously-coated concretes, and damaged floors.
  • Metal surfaces, which encompass general metal, bridges, and construction equipment paint.
  • Wood surfaces, including decks.
  • Vinyl flooring, tile, fiberglass, asphalt, and roofs. Specific roof types suitable for epoxy coating include but are not limited to; commercial building roofs, asphalt shingle roofs, and flat roofs with ponding water.
  • Additional specialized surfaces such as pool areas, bathroom floors, outdoor signs, brick and cinder blocks, stucco, plaster, and playground equipment.
When we recently received a call from a home owner in Hoboken, NJ asking us how epoxy coating can be installed over wood, we recommended the following process –
a. The wood floor needs to be sanded with a 40/60 grit power floor sander thoroughly so that the gloss is completely removed. Fill in any large cracks or splits with wood patching compound, allow it to dry, and then sand it down. Vacuum up all the dirt and dust after sanding.
b. Any loose planks that are loose need to be fixed.
c. Lay down a diamond metal lath and pour at least 1/2″ self leveling concrete, Param 4500. This project in Hoboken, NJ was successfully executed by a contractor from Englewood, NJ. It took almost 6 – 7 days to complete the project…an area of 1200 square feet.


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